Does Momoshop really require product photos to be >200kb AND 1000x1000 pixels?

This doesn’t make sense to me. Web graphics are supposed to be as small as possible - this is why we use compressed formats like JPG.

I am still trying to get access to my company’s Momoshop dashboard. My colleagues, who are admittedly less tech-inclined than I am, have been telling me that they cannot upload product images to the shop because what I am giving them is too small. I am using Canva to make the web graphics according to the Momo requirements – there are parts of the product image that we must keep blank (like part of the upper left corner so they can slap on their own logo or promo graphics)

I was happy to make product images that were well-below the 200kb threshold but still 1000x1000 in size. However, apparently these are being rejected because they are too small. I tried to size up the images to 2000x2000 pixels, which got me over 200kb, but those were rejected because they need to be 1000x1000

I started adding unnecessary colors and borders but then stopped because making things LESS readable and MORE complicated is just messed up. What we liked about our Momoshop is that the standard formats encouraged us to be simpler and more straightforward.

Anyone have experience setting up their Momoshop? This isn’t making sense to me (and I am trying to avoid going into the office this week to deal with this – but I guess I may not have a choice since this doesn’t make sense to me)

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I’m not familiar with the platform, but there might be some scaling that the website does on image files, particularly for users with massive resolution screens, that require very high quality images to scale, and then even more so if there is a zoom function for the buyer to use.

Look at ebay for example, you can see people trying to sell cars on there by uploading screenshots from their phone of another website where they have uploaded a photo of the car (and then asking $15,000 for it… don’t get me started). The <200KB and resolution requirement is likely a pretty poor constraint to try to force people to take better quality images and not to cheapen the site as a whole by useless crap photos like depicted above…

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Thank you. I see what you mean.

I still suspect my colleagues are misunderstanding the requirements, but I cannot deny they have not been able to upload the images I have given them. I added the Momo screenshot above that provides some requirements, and I do not see a 200kb minimum filesize. I think I see something about 50kb. For now, my next step is to gain access to our new Momoshop – but I am not looking forward to that because from screenshots of the Momo Supply Chain Management app, there is not likely to be any English version of it, which will make my using it slow and tedious. Unless I find half-day to go into the office and sit down with one of my partners. I really don’t want to fucking do that because I have other important things to do this week. Crap.

This is a screenshot of the login page for the Momoshop SCM website. This is where the dashboard is for us to manage our shop, upload product photos, etc.

I have our Login ID and password, and I just need the momo OTP, which is supposed to be a 6 digit code. Apparently, the OTP is sent to me by the Momoshop SCM mobile app - which the QR Code links to. Actually, it links to the app’s page in the Google Play store. When you download it to your phone, you see this login:

I highlighted the login for the app, which is supposed to be the Login ID and a 6-digit “vendor” code. Then you press the QR Code button. But when you do that, it pops open a QR Code window to read… what? The only QR Code I am aware of is the one on the desktop login page (at the top of this post), but that’s just to download the mobile app. :frowning:

This screenshot below is from my colleagues phone. It shows the dashboard that comes up when you successfully login. At the bottom right corner is the button to get the momo OTP for the desktop website

So, I don’t have all the information I need to do this – which means I will need to create time to meet with my colleagues in the office and look at what they are looking at on their devices.

Strictly verboten but ask your colleague to request and then send you the OTP for the desktop site? Short term solution?