Does the Country really exist?

Edit headline please I missed out Taiwan oops.

When I planned to come and possibly live in Taiwan very few British friends knew where in the world it situated.
Get the usual oh Thailand nice.
So I say island of Formosa and get in Spain nice.

Gets me to this: worldwide news articles on Covid-19 never seem to mention Taiwan the Country that has dealt with it better than any other.
Seems even BBC don’t know?

South Korea is only Asian country that has dealt with best???

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I think there has become two types of successes.

Countries that have had major outbreaks and successfully repressed, but not elminated the virus

And Taiwan, still living in 2019. They might find that there is not much to learn except being quick to act and prevention is better than the cure.

It’s too late for the UK to take Taiwan’s actions.

Taiwan still does amazing work, but managing 30 people in hospital/quarantine nationwide with no community transmission is new-game+ now

But you wont get any objection from me if you were to email and whine to the BBC.

Well that’s how it is. On paper Taiwan is an island, a province, an entity that’s it. Not recognized by the world as a country. And it’s never going to be. Heck even Taiwan doesn’t declare itself independent but keeps harboring grand dreams of taking over the mainland, officially.

Ofcourse everyone knows the situation in Taiwan, they just won’t bother about it.

The CCP are highly skilled at manipulating people and organisations in democratic countries. The result is that Taiwan rarely gets mentioned positively, if at all, in western media and people are reluctant to criticise the CCP. They have a lot of cards up their sleeve, particularly racism and hurt feelings, that work on the more gullible.

Jane Corbin is a very experienced journalist so I’m surprised she ignored Taiwan in this article. Who knows? There might have been some editorial pressure involved, or she might have been worried about future employment.

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Thanks for your optimism.

Mr Desi-in-Taipei, how many young people do you know here?

I thought so.


Not a prerequisite to be a country.

Are you privy to information that we are not?

That dream died with Chiang Cash My Cheque a long time ago. Nobody is realistically harbouring any dreams of taking over China (except for a few KMT diehards), especially post-cultural-revolutionary China.

It should be apparent to anyone on this forum by now that Taiwan has a gun to its head, otherwise Taiwan would have removed and unshackled itself from the Republic of China a long time ago.

Dissolving Taiwan and Fujian provinces and the National Unification Council are not what I’d call actions of a government harbouring ‘grand dreams’ of taking over China.

You can even see that the Taiwan and Fujian provincial government sites were shut down.


Taiwan gets some love from Max Brooks, the writer of World War Z (the book, not the godawful movie)

Also, 20 years from now, I think we’re going to look back on the failure of Western media to trumpet the real triumph of Covid, which is Taiwan. That’s the big buried lead that we won’t have the courage to write about until Chinese communist [state] money dries up and our own greed is finally under control. Right now, China is on a global campaign to make Taiwan disappear. Anybody who writes positively about Taiwan gets censured by the Chinese. They want very much for Taiwan to go away. And that agenda is fueled by our own greed — thank you, Apple and Disney and all our major corporations. Thank you, hypocritical liberals who will shriek at the top of their lungs about Israel but do it on a Chinese phone made by political prisoner labor, as the Chinese government are literally putting millions of Muslims in reeducation camps.
And on the right, there’s out-and-out racism; Donald Trump wanted to cast this as a “Chinese” disease. That’s bullshit. The Taiwanese are as Chinese as the mainland Chinese.
The Covid success in Taiwan] was a golden opportunity for the Western world to prove that democracy works. The Chinese government’s line is basically that democracy is chaotic and inefficient. “Look at us,” [they say], “building hospitals in 10 days. Look at us enforcing lockdowns. Fascism works. Fascism keeps people alive. Democracy doesn’t. Look at you in the West versus us here.”

But Taiwan blows that out of the water, because they’re as democratic as we are. They have a free press. They have everything we’re supposed to cherish. And while we were locking down for the third time, they were shooting off fireworks celebrating a 100th day Covid-free. Free!


How does it change anything? Sorry if the truth offends you. But you can demonstrate how Taiwan is a country, today.

Oh they know.

They deliberately didn’t mention Taiwan in this because ‘country’. Reason - China


BBC news editors must have deliberately cut out Taiwan.

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Well, you were the one confidently predicting the future.

And I’m telling you that young folks (not the old die hards still kicking around) will be the ones making that future.

You might actually want to talk to some of them. :upside_down_face:


Today Taiwan is a country.

It has defined land.
It has a permanent population.
It makes its own laws and exercises sovereignty and is independent of its recognition by other states.
Has the capability to defend itself.

According to my government, Taiwan is a country. Here is a picture of the Republic of China (Taiwan) flag flying proudly over Honduras.

Lack of knowledge of where Taiwan is located doesn’t mean it’s not a country.


Lack of knowledge means, well, lack of knowledge!


And it has a beer and an airline (although both, sadly, slightly mediocre).

EDIT: Come to think of it, beers are a pretty good barometer of a country’s character.

Taiwan Beer: cha bu duo la!
German Beer: Standard beer. Exceedingly standard.
British beer: Thick and rather bitter.
Filipino beer: Looks like beer, tastes somewhat like beer, but probably isn’t beer.
American beer: Fancy-looking label, but a bit of a let-down; apparently made from rice and sugar.

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Haha I’ll give you that.

None of the other things matter. No one in the world cares whether Taiwan has a defined area or whether it is allowed to make its own laws. No one recognizes it as a country. Yes, you can keep blaming Chinese aggression; but no one stops the world from coming together and giving a FU to China right? The US could easily move a motion similar to uniting for peace and override chinas veto in recognizing Taiwan, place Nato troops here, and call out the bluff.

But it’s not done as yet and probably never will. Definitely not until Taiwan still officially calls itself ROC. If the people don’t want to take that risk, why should anyone else care.

No, the world doesn’t recognize Taiwan as a country no matter what you’d like to think.

15 countries is certainly not Noone. Recognition is not a prerequisite to being a country.

When did Canada become a country?

When did the US become a country?

When did Switzerland become a country?

When did Poland become a country?

When I live in Taiwan, I follow the rules of Taiwan made by Taiwanese lawmakers. Not of China.


Mr Desi-in-Taipei, @frank_hnd just posted something that explicitly contradicts your world view. I think you could at least have the courtesy to read the thread before you keep posting.

Or don’t, as it’s clear you have already made up your mind, which does make me wonder why you have elected to live in a country you claim does not exist. :rofl:



Why not? I love to tell people when they ask which country do you live in? “None”. In any case my reason to be here is my problem.

Actively working against the Taiwanese struggle for recognition is not going to win you very many friends here.

The proof is already laid out that Taiwan is indeed a country and any point against Taiwan’s status as a country already has the holes poked out of it.