Does the massive Asian-American killings last few days scare anyone from USA travel?

I can only imagine. I wonder why rail suicides are so common. (Not sure if it’s unusually high comparatively) It’s a terrible thing but the people doing it are also being terribly selfish doing it that way.

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So much, he’s actually a good friend and very popular person. Thankfully he’s sane with compassion.

Have I worded correctly , few beers after watching Arsenal winning today

I’m sure that if someone jumps onto train tracks to kill themselves, civic responsibility is the last thing on their mind.

Definitely, among liberal democracries, the gunniest.


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Actually I think it might be Philly, a widely reported attack from about a year ago.

Yep. I couldn’t understand jack in that video, but according to this article ‘during the video, the attackers can be heard accusing the Asian boys of “jump[ing]” them and trying to “throw them off the train.”’ I wonder if any additional context ever came out on this.

Can’t believe nobody intervened when that girl who stood up for the boys was getting stomped. that’s extra fucked up.

edit: although to be fair, I don’t remember anyone ever stepping up for people being bullied in high school, so I shouldn’t judge the bystanders too harshly.


So why is it so scary in the Americas. Most of Europe and most of Asia has lower crime thought not as rich. I keep seeing news from Americas and mainland USA when I was in Hawaii?, and also residents telling me what I thought was good cities like Seattle, Portland and Vancouver gone bad.


Hey! What happened to the constituional separation of church and car? :grin:

More seriously: aren’t you the guy constantly travelling to Europe where the church-like worship of cars over basic public transport is not a thing?


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Europe didn’t look as different from the US as I imagined. Especially arounf airports in Prague and Warsaw.