Domino’s pizza rip off


I can’t see get 1 free I see a 108ntd discount?

Plus I was charged extra 20ntd for each pizza to have thin crust! Surely thin crust is less Dough?

Pizzas mediocre not visiting again.


I don’t mind a Pizza now and then, but seeing the Taiwan prices turns me right off. A Domino’s store within walking distance of where I live in Sydney serves up a Large for AUD6 - about TWD120.

From what you’ve posted, I don’t see where the rip-off is. Where do you see the 108 discount?

‘Buy one get one free’ at 690NT works out at 108NT less than two large pizzas (399NT each).


Ah, now I get it. OK, that’s silly. (Wouldn’t be shocked if there’s something going on with translation there - e.g. “To go” actually means for delivery. But the “Cream Cheese Seafood” toppings suggest deep, deep problems anyway.)


It’s a bit odd because Domino’s and PizzaHut both used to give two large pizzas for the price of one if you collected them.

I haven’t eaten from either of those places in years, though.

OP - was the place definitely Domino’s, or somewhere copying the brand?

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Yeah, that’s why I was wondering if the “To go” = delivery. I used to regularly pick up the Domino’s two for the price of one - as you say, if you collect them yourselves. Then the nearby Domino’s moved farther away, and I didn’t go for a few years. Tried again a few months ago and wondered if their crust had always tasted sweet, or if that was a new thing.

Was also amused / horrified by how few flavors actually looked palatable. Domino’s seems to have hit a level of being almost unrecognizable for North Americans who think they know the brand.


The pizzas we can see are abominations.


Dominos in Taiwan is a localized nightmare.


I can stand the local abominations as was stated only because I stick with the classics… pepperoni, meat lovers, stuff that you can’t really screw up or make local too much

But yeah my go to is the two for one at pizza hut which works out to about $10usd per pizza so not a budget breaker


I was referring to pizzas such as the Cream Cheese Seafood with honey octopus we can see in the OP’s photo.


Mediocre, but reasonably priced, and much better than the Dominos.

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Oh yes those are disgusting. And who puts corn on pizza. That’s why i stick with the classics, the locals can eat the abominations :wink:

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I had good experiences with Napoli. Imho better tasting than Domino’s.


You buy the single pizza at normal price. Then after receipt is goven tell them the free one can be the same. No room for arguments, walk out and return in 15 mins.

They always scan like that, turns me off too. Poor marketing, but most people dont notice or care.

Dominos is a step below dog food though, i would rather skip a meal. If a city is big enough for adominos there is like a local shop with FAR better pizzas. And certainly cheaper.

The best way to get two for the price of one:

Wife orders pizza delivery and specifies NO sweet mayonnaise, NO corn. Lo and behold, the pizza will inevitably arrive with corn on. Wife calls back and screams. 30 minutes later new pizzas arrive without corn.

Two for the price of one!


Dominos in India is sooo good. I really hate how bad it is here…

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I think meat lovers is gone from the menu? I couldn’t find it last time (ok, yes, you can choose your own toppings of course). Menu linked below.

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Fantastic idea…but what to do with the nasty one?

In usa domino’s gives you free diarrhea! Also a par cooked pizza… overcooked was always a problem for me a moneky/clown would actually need to do something to make :pizza: go back in the oven. When they give it its never cooked any different because its a monkey/clown’s f you buddy!!