Donating blood in Taiwan 🩸

I was obviously joking, but I assumed it was a machine translation not something you’d written yourself. If I thought it was just your language mistake, I wouldn’t have mentioned it out of appreciation for you having taken the time to find the info and consideration of the fact that you’re not a native English speaker.

Nonetheless, this is absolutely nothing to do with my reading comprehension, so there’s no need for you to suggest it is. You, or the machine translation, wrote it in the wrong way and a way that means something other than what you intended. The fact that I could figure out the intended meaning anyway despite the language mistakes is a sign of reading comprehension, not the absence of it.

is this a proper blood donation place? / one that could help Dragonbones should I actually be A-?

I’m trying to force myself to do it but Taichung isn’t making it easy. This one is close enough that if need be i can leave my motorcycle behind and walk home.

starting to fuckin feel sick just looking into this so hopefully just a quick yes no and then I’ll go after work so I don’t give myself enough time to think about it

yes I am a huge baby when it comes to anything needles and I’m not one bit afraid to admit it :smiley: fucking hate everything that has to do with blood and needles and if i see my blood running down the tube i will freak the fuck out and possibly throw up

I also took the time to use machine translator, which is a big waste of time for some people.

Yeah, no need for you to start with all this again - it was annoying enough last time IMO. If your previous post was just a machine translation (which is fine, as far as I’m concerned, and IIRC as far as most others are concerned), as I originally thought, there seems little reason to suggest the problem was with my reading comprehension not the errors.

Thanks for taking the time to find the info.

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This might be useful to some.


I hope we can keep this thread fresh. If you’ve got some time to give, please do so. :bowing:

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