Donutes Coffee Shops / 多那之 / Duō nà zhī

Recently experienced these coffee shops/bakeries mostly in Southern Taiwan. Frequently open 24 hours, have plenty of seating both tables and comfortable chairs, free wifi. Really good bakery food.

Edit: No donuts at Donutes.

Some in Taipei area have not tried yet.

No. 1號, Jingan Road, Zhonghe

No. 110, Fuxing Road, Taoyuan District, Taoyuan

A few locations I Iike in the south open 24 hours.

No. 117, Zhongshan Rd, West Central District, Tainan

No. 206號, Yisin 2nd Rd, Qianzhen District, Kaohsiung

No. 643, Xinmin Road, West District, Chiayi,

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There used to be one in Zhubei. Didn’t sell donuts and coffee was disappointing.

Yeah I don’t think they sell Donuts.

I never went before because I don’t want to drink coffee and eat donuts but found out they have a lot more.

looks like your typical taiwan bakery, which does nothing to excite me in terms or either bread or cakes. also, where the heck are the donuts /donutes?

Go figure.

Lot’s of bakery items, some places have salads, etc.

Sub-standard coffee & cake. Spend your hard-earned money elsewhere. If your money grew on a tree, have at it.

I go since it’s much cheaper than say Starbucks, and their newer cafes have worktables with power and TV with BBC and ABC (Sydney). Older cafes may not be as nice though. I would not call them a high end coffee shop but prices reflect that.

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I don’t recommend either of those places. See if there’s a local café doing decent coffee and snacks in your area. It may take a bit of searching on Google Maps or asking around. They’ll likely be independent businesses rather than part of a franchise.

Went to what seems to be new one Zyoying District today, but in old building next the old North gate (aka 拱辰門) which seems be from the 1800’s as well the cafe building. Renovated is very classy way, super fast wifi with power (2nd floor).

Seems no Donutes in the far North of Taiwan, more cafes South.


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They had nice strawberry cakes now, maybe the season for it.

I saw Strawberry donuts there today (not normal, part of a seasonal promo) !

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Another new branch after lunch today.

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Crowded but seems good vibe.

Yes, always full it seems. Sometimes interesting things, like a girl with make up mask or photo shots.

Anyway what is the consensus on best coffee chain in Taiwan?

No spare seats and sell too little coffee, can it survive?

They make a lot on cakes and take away too, seems good business with them expanding like Louisa.

Hard to believe that’s Taiwan , nice!

(Actually when I looked at it again it’s got a tie pi Wu and isn’t really an old building…But it’s been done up very well.

It shows what a lick of paint and some new windows a s decor can do. They probably bought that cheap as a run down old house. Property cost is way too high up North , and too many da Lou.