Dr Milker now has merchandise at Hilife!

That could apply to many different…um, areas.


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You’re not going to win any spelling bees like that!

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To those of us familiar with cows and computers: The spelling bees don’t matter too much.


The spelling want-to-be-ers.

The only bees relevant here are boo bees.

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Nice try, bovine, but I wouldn’t touch those mangy-ass teats with a Mod’s paws…

Oh, really? Let me jog your memory.


The producer is the product. :dizzy_face: :yin_yang:

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I was high, man, it doesn’t count

I knew I should’ve implemented mandatory drug testing for my employees.

So one time I saw a chair. That was cracking.

That’s what I’m all about, guessing games! Word play!

You have the title, but do you have the license to be a doctor? That’s milking things!



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