"Draft being edited in another window"

I’ve had the issue twice now where i’ve been writing a response, and then the above message pops up.

There is no other window. There is no spoon.

Am I being a derp? Would having forumosa open on a tab on another machine cause this behavior, perhaps? Or is maybe a recent new ‘feature’?


I noticed this a couple of times the last few days as well. In fact, it just happened now. Looking into it.


I went to my Drafts page and deleted all of mine. Maybe that will help.

Yeah, me too - I’ve seen that a few times over the last several days.

(And now actually as well! It happened when I scrolled up. This is on PC, with one other Forumosa tab open but nothing being written in that tab.)

Just did that as well - I had one draft there from Dec. 16 (which I don’t remember doing).


It just happened again. It seems reproducible - if I go to a thread, press “reply”, type something, and then scroll up the thread, I get the message.

And then if I press “ignore” and “discard”, it automatically saves a draft in the Drafts page anyway.

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Happened to me too.

That doesn’t seem to be happening for me now. Maybe it will in the future though

Weird. It’s happening very consistently for me. How about when you try it with the main “Reply” button at the bottom rather than quoting someone? (That seemed to make a difference for me just now.)

And now it seems to have stopped happening. I guess…you’ve fixed it? Well done! :man_shrugging:

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Seems to not be happening?

Happened to me yesterday alot, today hadn’t happened.

It seems to be happening when someone else starts writing in the same topic whilst you are writing.

I’m writing at the same time as someone now and hopefully had them over once or twice, as they have done to me :rofl::rofl:

@tempogain possible replication path, and thanks for looking at it.


Same here. I thought a fat thumbed my phone— ha, it just happened — again.

I warmly welcome our new tracer bots! Xie xie!


You— bastard!

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Oh I can’t stay mad at you.

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I don’t know if this is still an issue for others, but I’m getting it a lot on my computer and my iPhone today. And it also “takes me back”, removing recently typed stuff.

The site has been deprived of my words of wisdom because I’ve given up when I needed to retype parts of posts!

Which may be for the best.

EDIT: a couple of data points: it happened to me posting this twenty minutes ago, and no one else was posting in this thread at the time, but I did have a saved draft. (To my surprise.) That saved draft was from when it happened to me a few minutes earlier in a busier thread, when someone may have been writing at the same time, and it asked me to reload, and I did, but a few sentences had been lost and I decided not to bother. But I had no saved drafts prior to that.

Yep, happened to me just now as I was typing this sentence (I was going to mention that it happened earlier today)


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I have no idea what’s up here. I posted it on the Discourse forums.


I started getting this as well. Not a big deal but strange.