Dream of the Day

What did you dream about last night?

Last night I dreamt that I uploaded a topless photo as my profile picture on Forumosa but I did so while off my tits, and then I left Taiwan and left my laptop behind, and I didn’t realise I’d done that like 3 weeks later when I came back and then I’m pretty sure I was sleep talking saying something like “oh shit oh shit” trying to delete it because it was a really bad photo (like all photos with me in it) and then I had to forever live in shame as the guy who uploaded ugly topless photos
In other news I just downloaded a sleeptalk recording app

Anyway, what did you dream about last?

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I learned that you should have gone out with that obasan who was attracted to you a while back, as you desperately need “some”. But, whatever you do, do NOT get branded as a sexpat.

I’m not one for that kind of thing but I feel honered to have my previous posts remembered to my name. I almost feel… as if I’m part of something… :’)

outlier posts always stick out. the 95% bell curve ones conversely fade away

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I moved this from Parenting (?) to Open. Perhaps it should go in Fun & Games. :idunno:

Sweet dreams everyone! :cake:

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Btw does anyone else often get dreams about driving uncontrollably or their teeth falling out? Those dreams are fairly regular for me and I heard it has some sort of meaning although I not sure what

Dr. yyy’s analysis:

You’re afraid of losing control of your life/career/family/whatever and of having “no teeth” i.e. no real power.

Hmm I’m not sure I had any of those things in the first place but losing control of my life probably is a fear yeah

I just took an afternoon doze and I had the wackiest dream. The basic scenario was that I’d just moved to a new apartment for some reason but then all these things kept happening and eventually I’d realise I was dreaming. And I’d wake up and stumble around for a while, half asleep still, but then things would happen again (like running down a street or walking through a car park or hitting an emergency button or my sister got into my computer) that were the same as the dream I’d just had, with slightly changed details and different faces and I’d eventually realise I was still asleep and dreaming, and eventually manage to force myself awake, but the same things would happen again. And so it kept on going. A few times I think reality crept in and I’d remind myself that I’m still in Taiwan with the same job in the same apartment but then the dream would return and the cycle would continue.
Anyway, I’m awake now. I think.

Are you? :thinking:

@discobot fortune

:crystal_ball: Without a doubt

Enjoy the rest of the day! :slight_smile:

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My afternoon nap just produced a very whacky dream. Very difficult to describe. Something like the Nintendo avengers I think. And they were all across galaxies. But then there were the goombahs who were disguised as one of the characters and they were going around and killing all the nintendo characters. It was quite shocking really. And there were some really weird parts to it but I have no idea how to describe them
Also weird because I’m not big into marvel movies nor mario at the moment

So, I dream a lot. I dream about 20 foot black horses chasing me while I fly, racing fast cars, desolate streets, mountain trails I’ve never explored before that are awesome, schools - schools I’ve never been to, but I can tell you their layout clearly, my childhood.

Etc etc.

Sometimes I wake up sweating, sometimes I wake laughing (rarely).

What are these dreams all about?

I just had one of the weirdest dreams I’ve had in a while, woke up feeling like I’d been knocked out for days but it was only 2 hours

Is day dreaming a profession now?

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You were only out for 2 hours. Everything is under control. Relax. Do not buy Soylent Green. Buy Ricelent Green instead. Farewell, Mr. Name. :flying_saucer:

About girl who go abroad and left me…

I dreamt I found out I had a child with my ex, and if that’s not a nightmare I don’t know what is.

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A recurring dream I have is I find out I’ve forgotten to teach one of my classes the whole semester. I freak out trying to find out which classroom it’s in and whether I’ll get fired for not teaching it the whole time. Sometimes I show up late (maybe not wearing pants, or something else is wrong) and other times I can’t find it all. I wonder if other teachers have that kind of anxiety dream.