Drug use in Taiwan 2021, an issue?

So i heard recently that instant powder coffee laced with drugs was seized, 22,000 packets or something like that, also a police officer was shot by drug dealer in Yilan.

So is drug use here a major issue like in the west? Also how the hell do people here get these guns, from the Bamboo Union triads or something?

Strange how in other countries likeSingapore, Japan and S Korea you never hear of any of this stuff happening, or is it just well covered up.

Anyway i thought Taiwan gave death penalty for drugs and yet we are seeing this stuff, i guess its all imported from China probably lol.

I think because we’re in Taiwan, we’re more privy to information here. Japan and Korea are much larger countries while Singapore is so small they have the entire place under surveillance.

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and they are a dictatorship too which helps… although some freedoms are taken. Though Singo has seem some meth use in recent times, surprised anyone there would even attempt to break the law as you never get away with any crimes there.

I like to call them a pseudo democracy.

For me, coming from Canada, Taiwan is pretty clean. Though I have casually suggested to the MP to hopefully liberalise the use of weed and mushrooms.

First is first though. Dual citizenship for us.


It’s not coffee laced with drugs, it’s drugs in fake coffee packets.

Not as bad, but plenty bad enough.

Illegal drug use is pretty common in Japan and Korea.




Saw a news where a guy was found with guns and drugs in the back of the car. The gun looks like a full auto Glock 18.

Gun looked exactly like this


yup. Ketamine abuse is a major issue.


not a problem. I never used drugs in Taiwan in 2021


And stimulants. They are over the counter with zero oversight.

And that disgusting red staining betel nut.


Does that count as a drug? I guess. I tried it, but its about the worst, foul tasting, least effective stimulant out there. Must open up the blood vessels a bit though as my face went red for a few minutes. Foul though, yes agreed.

There is no drug problem in Taiwan. I mean Charlie is pretty pricey. That’s a sore point.

Oh and stay away from the ketamine. No one ever wrote a great song on ketamine.

Well, except for Madonna.


What stimulants do you mean?

K is awesome. Dorothy said there’s no place like hole.


Taiwan has had a rampant drug issue for at least 8 decades. It is no different now other than the ones produced are lab made rather than farmed, and they are used more locally.

The government here (ChineseKMT) has historically been involved in production up to as late as 20 years ago. in a big way. No one talks about it though. They still are, as is dpp ,but its more an individual corruption rather than a party fundraiser/genocide tool like it used to be. As i have stated here a hundred times already. When the elder generation dies off, and the gravy train that addicts have enjoyed for so long dries up… Then the issues will start to surface for the general public to see first hand. Taiwans mental illness issues will as well. 20 more years, you will see what i am talking about. But no one cares and no one is ready to have real conversations on how to help and prevent such things…so these facts fall on deaf ears because we are willfully denying reality. Gotta love face.

The good news is all the premium incredients to make meth can be mmail ordered no problem. The plus side is the drugs in taiwan are FAR FAR cleaner than in the west. Glass half full,less deaths. We need to discuss legalization.

Codine not a stimulant but it’s over the counter.

Pseudoephedrine is over the counter. You can get 5 packages of 60mg for $80nt.

Please remember that in the US, people have been overdosing on totally legal, D.E.A agents lost their jobs for drawing attention to, opioids, to the point where whole towns are made up of orphaned young children and their grandparents. And the only people in prison for it are the people who were given the drugs by real medical doctors for “legitimate” reasons, not the people in the government who allowed the sales to go on or the shits who peddled the drugs in the first place.

So, no, Taiwan’s ketamine use is hardly a “major issue” like in the West. Though I know of plenty of people whose lives hit rock bottom here in TW due to drug use.

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He didn’t ask if drug use existed. He asked if drug use was a major issue like in the West, which the answer is a clear no as it’s nowhere near as grave.


Doesn’t really sound so minor when you put it that way.


It depends on how you read it. It could also mean “a major issue, like countries in the West have major issues of their own.” He made his meaning very clear, so there isn’t much or any point to raising that objection. If ketamine use is a major issue here, than it’s apparent that Taiwan does have a major issue with drugs.

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