Drug use in Taiwan 2021, an issue?

The former. I have not (yet) had the chance to knowingly partake in the specific product you recommended.


Coffee doesn’t have the same kick it used to. Am I the market they are targeting?

Yeah, I’ve tried that one. Not bad. You can get it at some Vietnamese restaurants in Taiwan too (by the bag, I mean).


a mix, but a lot of robusta

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Try instant coffee then. Just dump about 6 cups worth in a cup and tame it with some cream.

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I read this thread from the beginning and the only guy commenting who actually understands the situation seems to be Explant, and one or two others… Explant understands the pervasiveness of all types of illicit substances in Taiwan, and how it isn’t so apparent, because of social and familial shrouds… The other kid, Gain, who went to NTU and who claims there isn’t so much drug use shows clear evidence of stratification in Taiwanese society between those who don’t know and those who do…

Get under the skin of the urban landscape. I am sure you will discover that people of all walks of life are using drugs, rich and poor. Also, there’s a large subterranean element to Taiwanese life that permeates both the urban and rural areas. (What rural areas, lol?)

Lots of poor boys who don’t like going to school move up in the gang by dealing, manufacturing / importing… Nowadays, the local Taiwanese gangsters are working to manufacture drugs outside Taiwan (and China) for importing back home. Especially meth and Ketamine. Did you know, a lot of the gangster guns imported to Taiwan come from on board merchant ships… mariner smugglers – Filipinos, etc – work with local gangs who have teams in more than one country.

As an aside, the ties of old kmt army drug dealers in Myanmar are long-severed with Taiwan, and their markets were for decades international, not local.

As Explant observed, Ketamine, meth, heroin/Fentanyl are still consumed in large quantities in Taiwan. Now, I see that weed is gaining popularity again in Taiwan. A pity the authorities reclassified it from a class 3 to a class 2 narcotic about 15 or 20 years ago. I am surprised Ket is still going strong. But meth has probably eclipsed Ket by now, in terms of regular users, not just kids and convenience store weekenders.

As for foreigners, most weed users in Taiwan were of an older generation, and in more recent decades, the kids coming from Canada, etc, wanted ecstasy and not weed at the beach raves. But it cost too much, like 20 u.s for one pill. “Cheap” sensi-weed was 6,000 NT for ten grams. I guess now it’s much more… Especially for the locals, who get badly ripped off by their own mafias, lol…

Do they still have all night beach raves on the north and east coasts? …Do they still sell Ket in the convenience stores?

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They used to do it openly on the table in bars 20 years ago.

Common knowledge among locals. A lot of foreigners in Taiwan never know what really goes on… During my time, a lot of convenience stores sold Ket. Anyway, if you aren’t Taiwanese, you won’t know much about that unless you know drug people, foreign or local…


Yeah, some kids in a hole-in-the-wall club in Ilan shared their Ket with me, lol. Openly…

There was that one bar off Nanjing road, I believe it was called Purple. That place got nuts at times.

yup. i saw this in Taipei in 2009 or 2010 at the place that was once TU.

Stumbled in at 4am curious and drunk. The place had changed.




And foreign workers.

That cheap if is good quality.

Anyone know a good source for Robusta coffee beans or even instant made from Robusta not Arabica.