Drunk Driver Foreign Student

From wiki.

Taiwan: 0.05% (BrAC 0.25 mg/L). Over 0.05% but under 0.11%: TWD 15,000 to 90,000 fine.[ citation needed ] 0.11% and above: license suspension for one year, and charge of offenses against public safety with possible prison sentence up to two years as the maximum penalty. If the driver is convicted of causing accidents, the penalty shall be increased by half.[ citation needed ] If the driver causes serious injuries or death, the license will be suspended for life or even face the death penalty.

Given BrAC 0.25 mg/L equates to 0.05%, or about 0.01% for every 0.05mg/L
It would seem @Andrei was provided the legal limit for BrAC and provided his level of BrAC. From wiki it states the most severe penalty is being >0.11%

What was Andrei’s %. given he was told his BrAC was 0.87? It would appear to be about 0.174%

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If there is no complication, you will get a judgement of a summary court within a month, and the typical penalty seems to be imprisonment for 2~3 months, which can be converted to a fine 1000NTD per day. Iirc, your ARC may not be canceled unless your school would kick you out. Ah, but what is your visa status here? You might be banned from re-entry for a while.

In Taoyuan city small road they just stop there and check me

I was driving scooter

yes 0.87 mg/liter

It was simple DUI scooter no accident and first time

Yes there was no accident also anything

There is no complication or accident. Just driving 7/11 to home it was little road. My status is student ARC multiple entry

Not anymore.


Same thing happened to my coworker. Just a routine stop after a few beer on his way home. Got the max fine of 90,000$ (I’m pretty sure it’s higher now), spent the night in jail, and got deported a few months later. Taiwan doesn’t mess around anymore

Unless you’re a citizen

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Might be true… I don’t know any first hand who have been charged. My other friend who has a passport (ABT) but is not a citizen got the max fine as well. He was not deported.

I think that was because his work permit was cancelled, and his ARC was based on the work permit. Work permit is more easily cancelled than ARC.

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They don’t unless you know someone before they key it into the system.

You might want to consider looking for a new circle of friends…


Haha, fair enough. They’ve learned their lessons. It’s all cabs from here on in

Well, that’s relatively speaking. Taiwanese drive like shit and most cops barely bat an eye.

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Well, thankfully they caught you before you killed someone or yourself. Hopefully they’ll fine your ass and you’ll never do something so stupid and dangerous again.


I do appreciate your concern for public safety, but let’s go easy on the sweeping generalizations. :slight_smile:

I have heard about people not paying the fine. They also left the country, not Taiwanese, with no plans to return. If you plan to stay here long term or return in the future, then you best get a lawyer and see if it can be reduced, or just pay it.