Drunk driving electronic bicycle


My friend was arrested the police violated the drunk driving last night…he use electric bicycle and the alcohol was 0.59…he bring to police station and to the court and after he give the statement the police till to go home at wait for the letter from the court… he have no idea if how much the penalty or what was court discussion to it…he need advice
Thank you


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If he is a labourer he could be deported if over the limit.

Nt$600-1200 fine?

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… plus possible deportation:


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He ask the police he will be deported the police said no…and also the translator ask the police they says no…is that true than you

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The police do not decide on deportation. It’s better to get some legal counsel or advice in case something needs to be done now or early instead of later.

I believe there are government and non-government organizations that will offer some free legal advice for foreigners. And some of them are even focused on specific nationalities.

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Do you mean 0.05? Because 0.5 BAC is deadly.

Taiwan: BrAC 0.15 mg/L

The police can’t always be relied upon to give accurate information when they are processing casework.

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The police have a tendency to say whatever when doing paperwork, they just want people to sign documents quite often.


That is the paper when he is taking the alcohol test

You friend may check Article 185-3 of Criminal Code of the Republic of China.

iirc, electric bicycle is included in motor vehicle.