Drunken foreigners on train

Here’s the latest foreigners making the news in Taiwan. Eight “drunken laowai” were carousing on a train traveling from Taipei to Yilan. Fellow passengers complained to the conductor only to be told to move to another location. Apparently it was caught on video. So fess up if you were a drunken laowai, on that train, that is.

The story in Chinese:
tw.news.yahoo.com/article/url/d/ … 2gt5r.html

And the video:
news.cts.com.tw/cts/society/2010 … 07584.html

I don’t get it. They didn’t seem noisy to me. Or carousing. They were just standing there chatting, from what I could see.

In the video you can see a bit of dancing and climbing on the seats. Apparently they were participating in a marathon, according to the news story, and just arrived earlier this month.

I see people climbing on the seats nearly every time I’m on a train – usually wee obasans trying to get their luggage into the overhead shelves. I guess it must be different when them foreigners do it, though.

Yes, that would bother me too on a train.

Yes, that would bother me too on a train.[/quote]
Isn’t that cheating? Shouldn’t they be running on the road? :ponder:

I think they look relatively sedate. Must have been a half-marathon. :ponder:

They must have thought it was the bar car. Excusable cultural difference.

And all the blue uniformed Tzu Chi volunteers were waitresses?

What a bunch of racist bullshit. What does their being foreigners have to do with anything? Would they have a story about 6 Hakka passengers drinking beer and being noisy? What about six aboriginals? It’s a total non-story.

And all the blue uniformed Tzu Chi volunteers were waitresses?[/quote]

No cultural reference point for that. You might have a couple of nuns traveling together, but a whole pack of them? They might have thought they were a women’s air force unit, or a group heading to a retired stewardess’s convention.

Who could ever believe this story? When would foreigners ever distract themselves from their usual drug taking, stealing Taiwan’s ugliest women and destroying Taiwan for nothing more than drinking a beer on a train?

I don’t know. You don’t think drunken-stoned Brit stories make the press in Amsterdam or Portugal? Of course it’s cute as can be that a few people drinking beer is enough to upset Taiwanese [strike]society[/strike] media.

Is this like Snakes on a Plane?

hmm, marathon runners, alcohol…one of them looks like teggs -must have been carbo-loading :laughing:

more seriously, but still not: was it the Hash runners? I heard they mix the drinking, running, smoking and partying.

what.a.non.story :loco:

You’re right, Kea. I’m about 95% sure I saw someone in that video who is a leader in the Hash group. Those guys really know how to party from what I hear.
Edit: Yeah, my facebook contact confirms it was Hash. They seem to be enjoying this exposure they’re getting.

Hey maybe every train needs a FUN CAR for adults?

Yeah, I don’t get it either. I can stand outside a 7-11 drinking beers with a mate in full view of cops, but a few laowais having a pint on the train makes the news. :loco:

:roflmao: Love the irony, man! :thumbsup: