Drunken musing of the day

Hmpf, what a speciesist chauvinist. :unamused:

I think the point is, some people have a high enough tolerance that they can still be lucid while drunk.

Nah, you just believe you’re lucid.

I reckon Karl Marx spent all those years in the library with a big bottle of white lightning hidden under the desk in a brown paper bag.

“Another” is simply a contraction of “an” and “other” :runaway:

Alcohol is an excellent aphrodisiac.
A few sips and I’ve already shat out 4 days worth of poo

Too much information!

Or not enough fiber.

er … what? Is this some sort of two-girls-one-cup thing?

@discobot fortune

:crystal_ball: Yes definitely

:ponder: this thread…

What if we got the navy to use trawler nets while out on mission to help pay off some of the defense budget

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Nah that’s silly

Also I don’t know why people say you can’t divide by 0; the answer is infinity, duh