Dunkin' Donuts

They’re coming to Taiwan!
This link is Chinese, but it gives some info on it.
The first one opens on the 28th of this month on the on the corner of Nanjing and Jianguo north road.

Cool.I like donuts.
I have tried Mister Donut .
I am looking forward to the DUNKIN’DONUTS.

Wah…memories of late nights in Levittown, PA with my older sister, sitting at the counter at Dunkin’ Donuts eating their fabulous Boston Cream Pie donuts. Been a long, long time since I had those puppies, hope the Taiwan branch will be true to the US recipes!

I LOVED Dunkin’ Donuts… reminds me of when I was a kid and living in New England.
I doubt Taiwan will stay true to US recipes… those yumy Boston Creme Pie Donuts will probably be not-so-yummy red bean creme donuts. Taiwan is good at spoiling things.

They’re coming to Taiwan again? Next thing you know Hardee’s, Wendy’s, and Baskin-Robbins will be coming back. You know you’ve been in Taiwan a long time, when you start cycling through the comings and goings of fast food restaurants…

Was Hardee’s actually here? I’ve never heard it mentioned before. Their roast-beef sandwich is the best.

Am I the only one here who would appreciate a Tim Hortons, a Dairy Queen, a Denny’s, and an Ihop? That said, I’ll look forward to trying out a Dunkin donuts. I’m sure it will be located within eyesight of a Starbucks, another coffee chain, a McD’s and a Net store. I forgot the name of that other donut place but you will see a Dunkin’s near it as well.

No sir, you are not. :lick:

Over Chinese New Year, when I’m having a Dairy Queen brazier burger in my hometown in Canada, I’ll think of you. Well, actually I won’t. I’ll be thinking about the burger. Sorry!

Denny’s is great too. There’s always something on the menu I haven’t had for ages and can enjoy. A few too many screaming kids at times, and weirdo drunks and junkies overnight at the 24-hour ones though… :neutral:

their coffee hits the spot too.

I also would like a Tim Horton’s and a Wendy’s. I never had a Krispy Kream, but I hear they are good too!

I miss Rrrrrollll up the Rrrrimmm to winnnn.

I’ll vote for Denny’s and massively fattening breakfasts: four-egg omelettes, bacon, sausage, hash browns, toast.

And Baskin-Robbins? Now there’s a place I’d be willing to spend over NT$200 for ice cream.


This is the bestest news! :smiley: No longer do I need to buy their coffee from the US and carry on! :banana: Hope Nanjing/Jianguo has enough foot traffic there of the right people to sustain it.

Tim Horton fans, no worries, Dunkin Donut’s is similar enough that you’ll be able to scratch that itch. It’s the best coffee (hoping that all the ingredients will be authentic) too :heart:

also, (bad news?) they are going lighter on the sugar in the donuts to suit “local” palates, as well as offering cakes.[/quote]

Within 3 months of their opening, I expect they’ll be featuring taro and red bean donuts.

Strange decision for a country that thinks sliced white bread should have sugar in it.
Another marketing genius decision.

Mister Donut was started in the US by one of the execs who left Dunkin Donuts. The Japanese branch has rights to the name in Asia only, though there are few Mister Donut shops left outside of Asia.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. According to this article, Dunkin Donuts will be reducing the sweetness in order to accommodate Taiwanese taste buds.

This translates to say that they plan to use less sugar and reduce the overall sweetness of the donuts.

My wish to the folks over at Dunkin Donuts is to offer 50/50. Reduce the sugar in 50% but still sell the sweeter ones to appease us foreigners! Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease! :rainbow:

Taiwanese people don’t like sweet food? Whaaat? The cake here is so sweet it’s virtually poisonous. Sugar in bread, sugar in juice, sugar in virtually every ‘savoury’ dish.

Wonder whose head will roll when they figure out that blunder? :slight_smile:

They complain that brownies are too sweet, but they sprinkle granular sugar over pork floss and garlic butter coated buns.

Go figure.

I’m thinking of opening a Jiffy Lube/Suntanning parlor. How about a Pep Boys?