Earthquakes -- 2012


that was a biggie! hardly ever feel it here on Xindian mountain, and we are swayyying

Yeah, that one went on for a long time.

Pretty big here in K-town, only on the 2nd floor.

Heh. My cat squeaked and ducked under the pillows a minute before it hit. I steadied myself in anticipation.

Ugh. Me no likey. I’m sitting in the dark here, with the laptop as my only light. Rats.

6.1 near Pingtung.

How do you get coffee out of the keyboard?

Biggest I’ve felt in a while. You could feel the build up and then a long shake and sway. Went on for quite a few seconds.

Very similar to 9/21, but I’m on the 9th floor today. My cats were freaking out, running up and down the stairs. Goodness, I’m glad that’s over. It’s still going in my guts. Ugh.

I’m surprised you all felt it in Taipei. Really shallow at 20km depth. Luckily it wasn’t so long.

Sure hope everyone down that way is OK. Reminds me of the one that broke the undersea cable a few years ago.

And my cat totally ignored it, fast asleep in her bed, under covers.

Felt that one…lots of swaying in Banciao.

nothing like an immanent death experience to make you see the morning’s events in a new light :slight_smile:

S waves rock!

Nothing in Danshui. Didn’t feel a thing.

Nothin here in front of my computer. :neutral:

I felt a long swaying in Danshui. (7th floor.)

It wasnt even close to being an imminant death experience. It was so short, was nothing like the 9/21 I went though.

pour more water on it