Earthquakes - 2014

Apparently there was a teeny tiny quake here in Taipei around 7:45 this evening. Any sensitive folks out there feel it?

Centered in Neihu, which is rather unusual. … 0%E9%9C%87

I felt nothing, but my boss stood up and asked if anyone had noticed the earthquake just now.

Oh, that’s even more strange - I live in Neihu, and had got home shortly shortly before it happened. Didn’t feel a thing.

Centered in Neihu? Grew up in Taipei. Usually quakes are centered in the Hualian/ Ilan area or if big enough to feel in Taipei are large ones centered in the TAitung or even central Taiwan (like 921).

My amateur wonder is that the quake may be related to the Tatun volcano. Most are not felt by humans but that volcano, long dormant, still has a magma chamber. Previously thought to have last erupted hundreds of thousands of years ago, it is now thought to have last erupted about 5000 years ago. And a magma chamber (size not really known) is still thought of to exist. Mini quake swarms apparently regularly occur around the mountain. Tatun and Seven Star are volcanos, dormant but not dead.

Huh. That was right about when I left work. The elevator I was in made a sudden noise and jolt. I was wondering if there’d been a quake.

i think i just felt a light earthquake (taipei - xinyi) area. also heard some crack noises

A little bit of rocking here in Panchiao.

Either that or a really big truck just passed by.

Edited to add:

It was a little one with an epicenter off the coast of Yilan County. … 021242.htm

We need a new tread. And more earthquakes.

I started one a while ago… glad somebody else noticed it’s not 2013 anymore :wink:
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Right now!

Yeah, I thought I felt and saw a little swaying, but it was so slight I thought it might be my imagination.

Here it is: … 447007.htm

And another one.

Since it seems it is starting again.

Mods, could you please bring over some of the posts made in Earthquakes 2013. Much appreciated.

Anyone feel that one around 12:45am last night? Was in the middle of the country, a 4.7 with a shallow depth. Most of you probably didn’t feel it, but I’m on the top floor of my building.

As per my emails from Jlick, there was a cluster of 6 quakes. Me no likey.

Yeah, it was reported by somebody on the 2013’s thread. But I haven’t felt anything… and I normally feel all these things…

I felt it (in Hualien), but unlike after our 6.3 in October, I just rolled back asleep :slight_smile:

[quote=“Icon”]Since it seems it is starting again.

Mods, could you please bring over some of the posts made in Earthquakes 2013. Much appreciated.[/quote]

So… was it something you could feel in Hsinchuang? because I felt nothing…