Earthquakes 2015

Just felt a little bump than seconds later there it was, heavier up and down and swaying …

002 01/05 13:53
122.04E, i.e.
28.1 km E of
Yilan County

only 4.7? felt like it was bigger than that.

Thank god I’m not crazy. I felt it but my gf told me it wasn’t one.

In case of future discussion with your girlfriend, check taiwan earthquake report website :wink:.

that was a nice jolt in taoyuan

Slight, brief shaking in Banqiao.

Yup, shaken through … not stirred!
The second one today, and yesterday and the day before … active period of the earth’s crust.

An unsettling jolt in Linkou.

Just felt one in Banciao. … 854003.htm

Intensity :
Tailuge, Hualien County 5
Nan-ao, Yilan County 5
Heping, Hualien County 4
Niudou, Yilan County 4
Xiulin, Hualien County 3
Hualien City, Hualien County 3
Ji-an, Hualien County 3
Nanshan, Yilan County 3
Yanliao, Hualien County 3
Su-ao, Yilan County 3
Hehuanshan, Nantou County 3
Luodong, Yilan County 3
Shoufeng, Hualien County 3
Deji, Taichung City 3
Yilan City, Yilan County 3
Sanguang, Taoyuan City 3
Xilin, Hualien County 3
Zhongli, Taoyuan City 3
Zhubei City, Hsinchu County 3
Tongmen, Hualien County 3
Zhunan, Miaoli County 3
Neicheng, Yilan County 2
Jiqi, Hualien County 2
Guangfu, Hualien County 2
Xindian, New Taipei City 2
Puli, Nantou County 2
Shitou Mountain, Miaoli County 2
Zhutung, Hsinchu County 2
New Taipei City 2
Xinyi District, Taipei City 2
Taipei City 2
Dongshi, Taichung City 2
Hsinchu City 2
Wufenshan, New Taipei City 2
Taoyuan City 2
Liyutan, Miaoli County 2
Wugu, New Taipei City 2
Wufeng, Taichung City 2
Waipu, Taichung City 2
Dadu, Taichung City 2
Changhua City, Changhua County 2
Yuanlin, Changhua County 2
Ershui, Changhua County 2
Caoling, Yunlin County 2
Douliu City, Yunlin County 2
Miaoli City, Miaoli County 2
Chenggong, Taitung County 2
Guishandao, Yilan County 1
Pinglin, New Taipei City 1
Zhinan Temple, Taipei City 1
Shitan, Miaoli County 1
Gongliao, New Taipei City 1
Sun Moon Lake, Nantou County 1
Hongye, Hualien County 1
Sanyi, Miaoli County 1
Keelung City 1
Yangmingshan, Taipei City 1
Taichung City 1
Wanli, New Taipei City 1
Changbin, Taitung County 1
Nantou City, Nantou County 1
Gukeng, Yunlin County 1
Lidao, Taitung County 1
Chishang, Taitung County 1
Donghe, Taitung County 1
Dacheng, Changhua County 1
Chiayi City 1
Liujiao, Chiayi County 1

This one felt stronger and longer than those from last week, much more shaking and our old dog woke up!

That is by far the ONE thing i don’t miss bout Taiwan. Quakes.

I once went a mad dash down 7 flights of stairs in 20 seconds in a quake. I don’t think one can fall much faster.

Says the guy who lives in the San Francisco Bay Area!

Says the guy who lives in the San Francisco Bay Area![/quote]

I was at school but I didn’t feel anything.

I’m feeling so left out these days. Either I’ve finally become a local and never notice anything bigger than a 6.0 right next door, or my new apartment is built so well that even on the 10th floor I get no shakes. I suppose I should be thankful, right?

structurally speaking, better built high raise should sway (unless you’ve got dampeners, which is unlikely), so I’m gonna say you’ve gone local. :bravo:

I was sitting down when it happened. I even felt the pre-shocks. My co-worker, who was walking by me and stopped when I exclaimed “Earthquake!”, didn’t feel a thing.

As you can see on the weather office’s website, there have been related earthquakes in northeastern Taiwan since the end of last year, but only one or two of them seemed strong enough to register in Taipei, etc.:

This active zone is near the mountains separating Hualien (Hualian) and Ilan (Yilan) - a situation where two plates collide, and that collision zone extends eastward, via the islands of Yonaguni, Ishigaki, and then curving more and more northward, via the islands of Miyako, Okinawa, Amami, up into Japan.
No shaking here this time, but we are “watching the situation” (expecting something to rumble here, too, before long).

That’s life (always not far from death). :idunno:

Iv lived here in the Bay Area since 1999. And I have only felt 2 mild quakes. NOTHING compared to living a same time frame in Taipei.