Earthquakes 2018


Google translate app can translate pictures from Chinese to English. Just takes a screenshot with your phone, open the google translate app, and select Chinese to English, and then a picture button should activate. Select that button then select your picture.


Maybe its because my bed is on the floor. but this is so nuts. Shaking now


Just hit #300


I finally realize your question by looking at both the Chinese and English websites.
The ones with numbers (the last one being 050 at 2:43) mean that the Public Warning Service was used to send msgs to cell phones in Taiwan.
When you look at Chinese site, you’ll see “050 PWS”.
For the others (“local”), you’ll see “小區域” on the Chinese site.

So, has everyone gotten 50 messages so far from PWS?


During the night there was one in the southern bit of Yilan. Didn’t feel anything though


Thanks - I did not know that!


A powerful earthquake hit the coastal city of Hualien on Tuesday, killing at least seven people and injuring 257 others.

At least 31 foreign visitors – including nine tourists from Japan, two from the Czech Republic, two from the United States and one from Denmark – were injured, police said.


Got some bad news last night. I’d seen my wife’s cousin post about someone on facebook (" we’re all waiting for you"). Turns out, her brother-in-law (husband’s brother) worked in the 統帥大飯店 and they eventually found him dead. I only know his brother, of course, but the family seems to be working through it. No doubt my mother-in-law will be on the phone all day to get more details.


RIP. :unamused:


So sorry to hear that.


Yeah, the family is scrambling to provide support but I should make clear that I didn’t know him (just his brother’s family). It just strikes a little too close to home, particularly considering the million-to-one odds.

I was just saying to someone the other day that someone in my wife’s extended family seems to die every other week. I don’t know if it’s just that they have a huge extended family or unlucky.


Very sorry to hear
Was he one of the two at the front desk?
One they pulled out and one was found dead


Yeah, front desk. Apple Daily (rag, I know) article mentions him by name in the first paragraph.


Thought this was a bit interesting…

From watching local news yesterday, no reports on any foreign help with the rescue. Just teams from different cities/districts in Taiwan.


One can complain about Taiwan whatever you want, but the search and rescue units are world class, and surely able to handle a relative small disaster (in area) top efficient.
I can only stress how much I respect these guys, girls and dogs crawling into these buildings which are defying all odds of totally collapsing with the next roller.


I’ll eat my dick if the investigations into collapsed buildings doesn’t reveal some shady past dealings


Just how old were these buildings that collapsed?

They key to getting away with shady past dealings is to run out the clock. Manage to die peacefully in your bed before the truth comes out.

Or just outlast the statute of limitations.


Less than 20 years.

In the case of the hotel, building company does not exist anymore, as usual.


Well Japanese engineers who advised when 921 already had a look and said columns and other design elements were wrong … that is why the building fell!


Lots of condolences and offers, but damage is controlled.

Oh and a propaganda piece on an offer from China.

So far 4 Chinese Mainland tourists died in the quake.