Earthquakes 2019

First! First! First!


Felt it too. Sanxia.

Swaying in Taichung , quite gentle


5.3 NE of Taitung

Didn’t feel a thing but my cousin across the street felt a little shiver. Probably because she lives twice as high up as I do.

My wife felt it. I didn’t. Was spacing out too much. If it can’t even jolt me out of a daydream then it’s not very big.


I didn’t feel it in Taoyuan

Bit of a quick bump in Taipei.

She’s cute

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Wee! Zhongshan felt some movement.

just right now----building still shaking


15 seconds smooth in Taipei.

Wow. That was big

Living room curtains were swaying a bit, again. Still going on, too.

Felt like a big one here on the 12th floor!!