Earthquakes 2022

Didn’t feel first one, but we all felt second one in apartment. But still, a soft shake.

This I am not liking one bit. Mud volcano. Quakes. Nope. Nope.


That looks like it could possibly be a broken water pipe.

Feeling it. Or am I just a dizzy MF?

I guess not. Better have a drink (of water) and lie down for a bit.

Probably just the heat.

You need to roll a big fat one and listen to some Peter Tosh…

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If I ever get back to Seattle for a vacation…it’ll be the first thing I do when I walk in the house! Open the “pot safe”, pull out the green sticky and bong hit!

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Apparently it’s all over Khaosan road now. Medicinal trucks selling direct to the public. Cops have no issue whatsoever.

Whatever keeps the little antifa kiddos shuffling along, I suppose.

It’s the septic tank overflowing.

Been a while since I felt a quake in Taipei. I miss it. For real. It’s like something is missing ha

I think “prepare for it” would be smarter. But to each his own. :person_shrugging:


There was a small one just now I’m sure

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felt it

Thought I was just a bit dizzy from standing up quickly, but yep- lights were shaking.

Yeah, I felt something too

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Could barely feel it in Taichung.

Slow day for journalists? :grin:

Magnitude 4.5 earthquake rocks east Taiwan county

Taiwan county :upside_down_face:

East Taiwan County just means a county in Eastern Taiwan.