Easter Sunday blasts in Sri Lanka


137 confirmed dead so far and counting with hundreds more injured in at least 6 locations.


These days, it would almost be surprising not to hear of news like this on a holiday or where many people are gathered. I hate it.


I was thinking the same thing. It just seems something was bound to happen during Easter, I was hoping I was wrong.


My niece is working over there at the moment.


I hope she is ok. Have you been able to get in touch with her?


Yeah, she’s fine. She’s a doctor in a hospital there. I don’t know if she’s dealing with any victims.


I wouldn’t be surprised if she was. The numbers of deaths and injuries keeps piling up. They would probably need As many doctors as they can at local hospitals to keep up.


Bombing churches seems to be a favourite Easter pass time of uh… what’s the PC term? Well it seems to happen somewhere every year.


Yeah, Churches and Christians are pretty regularly attacked and persecuted in many parts of the world even today. I was just watching a video of Christians in China crying after getting their hands on smuggled bibles for the first time.


Is there usually any anti-Christian violence in Sri Lanka?


Yes, there’s been more religious tensions overall between Buddhist, Hindus, Muslims and Christians. It is a Buddhist country, I think it’s written legally Buddhism is the most important religion and is to be put ahead in consideration or something like that. There’s been anti Muslim riots there recently with people accusing Muslims of force conversions. Christians it would seem are also often targeted as well now. There are also Hindu extremists groups causing problems for everyone.

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Latest report has death toll at 190 with still hundreds of injuries. It seems there were at least 8 blast sites total confirmed.

Edit: reports say there are at least 200+ dead and 500+ seriously injured.


Is anyone claiming responsibility for this?



Not yet.

I believe it is confirmed some were from suicide explosions. But things are pretty hectic and a curfew was established to try to keep order so it’s hard to tell what’s confirmed and not. Body counts keep climbing. It’s especially tricky to pin point since there’s a lot of religious tension there between Muslims, Hindus and Buddhists.


Well over 200 deaths now . Bad bad bad . And all in the name of what ? Motives seem irrelevant to victims . :pensive:


With at least 8 different blast sites. Death toll will be even higher trying to save injuried victims with it so hectic at all the different places. Truely evil as it seems that was the plan.


The Roman Catholic Church in Sri Lanka traces its roots to the arrival of the Portuguese in the early 1500s and the subsequent influence of Portuguese, Dutch and Irish missionaries. Sri Lankan Catholics make up a significant minority of the country’s population, accounting for roughly 6 percent of the country and centered largely in the Colombo-Negombo area.

Didn’t realize this

  • At 8:45 a.m. on Sunday, bombs tore apart three churches, one in the capital of Colombo, and two others in the cities of Negombo and Batticaloa.
  • Four hotels in Colombo were also attacked: the Shangri-La, the Cinnamon Grand, the Tropical Inn and the Kingsbury. There was another explosion at a housing complex in Dematagoda.

In many parts of the world where Christians are small minority, attending church on Easter or Christmas can put worshippers’ lives at risk as such attacks like this in Sri Lanka have a greater tendency for maximum impact - churches filled up and attackers wanting to make a religious or political point.

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Been a fair amount of killings recently . I doubt that there will be any Western Leaders wearing crosses around their necks in a sign of unity to the world.
I doubt any Laws will be changed in the wake of this terrible attack.
I doubt that there will be huge fundraisers all over the world .
I doubt politicians will try to speak in Indian on TV in a show of solidarity
I doubt that there will be any meaningful crackdown on whichever group did this and all their followers.
I doubt that the followers of this group and anyone following will be banned from social Media.
Possibly 4 times the casualties of NZ, probably a quarter of the political outrage will be shown .
Very, very sad because all acts of terrorism are equally despicable and geography or “news interest” is a cop-out . The Media also drive the coverage . Peace to all.