Easter Sunday blasts in Sri Lanka

Seems that they had warnings of a possible attack . Going to be some angry relatives I fear .

‘A foreign intelligence agency has reported that the NTJ (National Thowheeth Jama’ath) is planning to carry out suicide attacks targeting prominent churches as well as the Indian high commission in Colombo,’ the alert said.

The NTJ is a radical Muslim group in Sri Lanka that was linked last year to the vandalisation of Buddhist statues.

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Well , we have to wait to see the evidence . I just find it sad that people were not at least warned :frowning_face:

200+ dead, the government declared a curfew.

Death toll has soared to 290 now. Very minimal coverage for such a horrible attack!

I think it’s getting a lot of coverage .

Barely. I don’t see much of it on my feed or on the news or much conversations about it. Even on here, people seem to care more about the Notre Dame.

I could care less about the Notre Dame…

I’ve been reading a bit about it. Sri Lanka’s got quite a complicated mix of religions, and most people don’t know much or anything about the goings on there.

I think it’s getting lots of coverage, though. Even the US president has tweeted about it. There’s just not much to say since we know so little about the country.

Its certainly getting less than if something happened in a western country. Which is somewhat understandable. It’s like when Paris got attacked in 2015 people were saying “why is the media making a big deal out of this when it happens all the time in the middle East and no one cares. Racists!” And I was thinking well it’s kinda like how you’d be more concerned if there was a crime wave in your town than a crime wave in the town 100km away that’s known for crime.
That being said it seems to have been an attack on westerners, as well as Christianity (and although the plight of third world Christians doesn’t seem to concern a lot of people, christianity to many outside the west is synonymous with the west)

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It’s getting non stop coverage on CNN right now.

“Acts of terrorism”, might be more suitable than “acts of violence”. “Against Christians and foreign tourists” rather than “churches and hotels”. But what do I know, all around very tragic.

For people following the subject. There’s a wall of silence on Christian persecution. This happens every Easter.

2012, for instance, shootings by Boko Haram gunmen in Nigerian churches left 38 people dead. Nigerian Christians face life and death every day with extreme violence and persecutions. A friend of mine here in Italy that I met is a Nigerian Christian who fled after the violence was so bad and fled in fear to Syria to eventually make his way to Italy on a tiny life raft. Imagine things so bad you go live in Syria for 7 months to make a high risk trip on a tiny lift raft across the sea.

Easter season 2015, an attack on the University of Garissa in Kenya targeting Christian students left 148 people dead.

In 2016, 75 people died and at least 300 were injured when bombs exploded in a park in the heavily Christian neighborhood of Lahore in Pakistan as people were celebrating after Easter services.

In 2017, Christians in Egypt were in fear of going out for Easter after 2 bombings on churches that left 45 death.

They’ll never say estimated 8,000 to up to 100,00 in some high estimates of Christians are martyred each year. The narrative is Christians are rich oppressive westerners while other religions are the oppressed minorities. Even though most of these persecution is coming from one particular religion from organizated groups to even the state level. It’s not the convenient truth to say.


An attack by one minority religion against another. It’s so stupid. Do Islamists in Sri Lanka really think their biggest enemy in the country is Christians? This is a good argument for just getting rid of religion altogether.

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Almost makes one wonder why they substitute 'christian" with Easter Worshipers and Church goers ? Why play down the ( alleged) Islam part of the suspects? Some pretty awful video of one of the suspects out there . It seems relevant to the story . Terrible scale of casualties. What will they ban , I wonder , to try and prevent another attack ?


we could be living at the edge of the end of times

Even the Sri Lanka gov are willing to say the suspects are part of a radical Islamic group.

The rest of the world has chosen to say “religious extremists” “small religious fundamentalists”.

Is this really extremism when it happens all the time. Not just on Easter.

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Well, that’s not the bit that has me scratching my head. If it were one or two that did it, I might think an Easter worshipers is a Christian, no big deal. But when they all start doing it in unison. That’s kind of weird.

Not one mention of a Christian anywhere. Well, to be fair on the ones I clicked on there was one exception, Beto must not have got the memo.


What is a Easter worshipper? I’ve never heard of a more stupid term. Christians don’t worship Easter…

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I think it’s done simply to emphasize that these are Christians celebrating a high holiday. It means the terrorist acts are more heinous.

I don’t see how that makes sense. How much do you need to emphasize the importance of Christmas or Easter? It would be as stupid as saying Ramadan worshippers. Or Yom Kippur or hanukkah worshippers.