Economic Relief Money for US Citizens Living Abroad?

So apparently they’ve passed the relief bill which will include $1200 USD for all US adult citizens who earn below a certain amount. Aside from that, I haven’t heard any other stipulations for who is entitled to the money. Does anyone know (with certainty) whether or not US citizens who live abroad are able to collect the money? I imagine if one still maintains a bank account in the US, it should be possible, but if not, I imagine it would be rather difficult, even more so than those who live in the US without banking.

You files taxes?
Some who e-file and have bank account in database will get check automatically sent to the account, others will get mailed the check, and news saying it will take longer, maybe over 4 [edit: ] months.
If you are under the limit you should get it if they have an address from your tax files.

I wouldn’t mind a little money from uncle Sam :blush:

Q: I’m not an American citizen. Do I qualify?
Yes — as long as you’re living and working in the U.S. with a valid Social Security number. That includes green card holders, and it generally includes those on work visas, such as an H-1B and H-2A. But it generally excludes visitors and people who are in the U.S. illegally.

Q: Are the cash payments taxable?

other useful info in the link

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Lol I’m glad it’s not taxable

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on the federal level.
for state level, you have to check with your own state government if they want a piece of the pie (my guess, yes)

so I guess you have to be living AND working in the US to qualify?

I do file my taxes every year, but I do it by mail, I still have a valid address in the US, bank account and of course SSN. So I’m guessing that US citizens who live/work abroad do not qualify?

Still not a clear answer on this. Perhaps we could ask AIT, I’m sure if enough people flood them with calls/emails, they’ll make an announcement.

From what I understand, the stimulus payout is based solely on your AGI, so if you’ve already filed this year go look at your 1040 line 8b. The real kicker is AGI doesn’t include anything already excluded by the FEIE, so expats making over $109k may still qualify for the full amount. This appears to be an oversight that may benefit us, but I’ll believe it if/when I see a deposit.

just got a response from AIT, basically “we don’t know. When we get info, we’ll post on our website.” so keep flooding them with emails my fellow Americans.

So here’s an update on this:

Copied from the article:

Who doesn’t get a check?

Single adults who make more the $99,000 and married couples who earn more than $198,000 won’t receive stimulus checks.

Those without a Social Security number and nonresident aliens — those who aren’t a U.S. citizen or U.S. national and don’t have a green card or have not passed the substantial presence test — aren’t eligible.You’re also ineligible if your parents claim you as a dependent on their taxes.

What is the Substantial Presence Test? Link below from IRS website.

Who knows, maybe some of us will slip through the cracks, but I certainly did not spend 31 days in the US in 2018. Crossing my fingers they don’t check too hard…

I’m not sure that really matters. If you’re a US citizen you’re still a tax resident no matter where you live or how long you spend in the country. The substantial presence test is for distinguishing between aliens and resident aliens.


I hope, considering that the US requires citizens to pay taxes on money earned abroad, therefore eventually expecting us to pay the government back for this stimulus package, that we will get the money.

I just heard on a news program that your senator is the best person to contact for info like this, cuz basically no body has any idea what’s going on except them.

Yes, we qualify!

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I just e-filed my US taxes with H&R. It was free. Owed nothing. No return too. They sent me a notification that I qualify for the Federal Coronavirus aid ($1000) and will send updated info when they know more about how and when the aid will be delivered.

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What you guys going to buy with your trump bucks

Maybe TP?

Buying Boeing stock. :grin:


I consider it my solemn duty to boost the US economy with it as soon as I can.

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In some articles they say it will be direct deposited into your US bank account within 3 weeks.

So…if you don’t have a US bank account???

So far the IRS has no info on their site. Just a “info coming soon” page for the relief page on their site.

I just read that if you don’t have a bank account on file from your 2018 or 2019 taxes they will mail you a check.