Economy Grows 8% in Q1 (Yes, you heard that right)

Electronics exports grew almost 30%.

I think 6% growth for the entire year is possible.

Water allowing.


I wonder what Taiwan will do as the dollar continues to weaken against the NTD. Tech exports like semiconductors will be fine because of the demand but it might hurt other exports.

That’s always going to be the case, isn’t it? Economy booms and currency strengthens.

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It’s year-to-year growth so it’s nothing really special. It’s only good compared to other developed countries which by and large had a tragic first quarter, i.e. Europe where the recession continues. The second quarter figure would be in double digits as the second quarter last year was not good.

Yes, but the Central bank usually does something to push the value down.


They always publish year-to-year growth. This controls for seasonal factors. It is the highest quarterly growth in a decade.

It’s a comparison with the Taiwanese economy same time last year. It is pretty special.


It isn’t. 2020 Q1 was the worst quarter last year because covid was the worst then in Asia.

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Lack of water is a constant threat.

But the reality is, Renesas already had a fire at their semiconductor plant in Japan, and Samsung had to stop production in Texas because of the extreme cold. And nothing has stopped TSMC yet.

It was still 2 percentage points above what the government predicted.

US first quarter growth was 6.4%

BTW, see the huge surge where Trumpian growth soared over Obama’s? Me neither.

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US is annualized. That means they take the Q2Q growth of like 1.6% and multiply by 4 (or something like that).

Taiwan measures it by comparing it with the same quarter last year.

That’s nominal. Not real.

@OysterOmelet’s article proclaims 8% real growth.

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Which means if the US keeps growing at the rate it grew in the first quarter, it will hit 6.4% , just like Taiwan will hit 8% if it keeps up growth rate for this year (not 32%).

Taiwan is also nominal, not real. Real means you add inflation into the mix; Taiwan does not do that either (nobody does).

Did you read the article?


Naw man, Taiwan’s would be 12.93% annualized.

Read the article.

“Mind boggling” and “1990s-style numbers.”


GDP is often reported in real terms.

Watch all the finance people COMPLETELY miss that point and carry on until catastrophe.

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