Egyptian immigrant (allegedly) expelled from medical school in Canada for political beliefs

Not shocking whatsoever in 2020. This insanity will get worse should a certain group of people pushing it regain power in the US.


It could be worse. It could have resulted in criminal charges, jail, and deportation if he’s not a citizen! All this for having beliefs that are different from the university he attends.

If you voice the fact that you support gun rights, pro life, etc. in a university campus, be prepared for an investigation where they will find out what exactly they can do to you. If they couldn’t get any criminal charges, they’ll move to administrative proceedings such as expelling you from school for various “violations”.

It happened to me, it can happen to anyone. Be squeaky clean if you want to go against the establishment in the USA.

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With these types of articles they are written with such sensationalism that i wouldnt want to comment unless the things he said/wrote are directly quoted in full.

that said, Canada is becomming fairly well known for its dislike of freedom of speech. A very large factor in why I am choosing not to live there right now.

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What happened to you?

Was deported simply because I got into a debate with someone on facebook over second amendment right. That and my university is very left wing. I made no threats but someone called the behavior concern hotline and I got investigated, which of course ends up uncovering all kinds of stuff.

Just remember the average American commits 3 felonies a day. Jailing someone is only a matter of whether or not someone wants to hurt you.

Before anyone says anything, I’m not here to debate the finer points of 2A rights like whether it applies to citizens or felons. It obviously leads nowhere.

Hmmm- the only reference to this I can find on the net is the original article and two other right-wing sites based on the same article. Anybody find any others?

P.S. I think the article says he was Egyptian, not Ethiopian.

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Yeah. There are no links, no sources. Barely anything on Google for Rafael Zaki except these two. I call bullshit.


I doubt they would make it up, but it would be nice to hear the other side of the story.

I need to read that book.

And that’s when they found all the unpaid parking tickets, huh?

Just kidding.

Seriously: that sounds awful. Sorry to hear about it.

I think they did make this up.

One. The ‘story’ is only on a single US right-wing site. A student getting expelled for a political belief is front-page-news worthy in Canada.

Two. Where is the offending facebook post? No images, no links, nothing. If it’s on facebook, we should be able to see it.

Where are the complaints? Where are the complainants? There’s nothing. It’s fake.

You are allowed to express your opinion in Canada…

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But honestly I don’t know what would have happened if they found nothing untoward. I bet I would have somehow failed a core class or brought up on fake academic charge.

Also freedom of speech only applies to government, but since schools aren’t exactly government, they can expel whoever they want for any reason.

Freedom of speech just means they won’t jail you for saying something other than threatening words, but doesn’t mean they can’t find some other reason to jail you or hurt you in some way.

But a student getting expelled isn’t necessarily news. I believe that happened, but would like to hear the other side of the story about how and why it happened. I’m skeptical of the described reasons as well, but it is Canada after all and it could yet become bigger news.

That’s right. But purely for a pure political opinion?
That would be news.

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But it’s not surprising as colleges, particularly medical schools are very left wing.

At ut Austin there were talks of expelling people for joining young conservative of Texas.

This is not true. Especially in Canada.

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The Post Millennial could have broken the story, it is kind of in their wheelhouse :slight_smile: But, yes, count me skeptical. Time will tell I’m sure.

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