El Sabroso on Tingzhou Road - awesome Mexican food!

So the other day I was complaining to one of my students (who’s from LA) about how challenging it is to find decent Mexican food in Taipei. She turned around and told me that I should try El Sabroso (address: 107, Section 3, Tingzhou Road; telephone 02-2368-9599; closest MRT access is Taipower Building Station via Exit 1; it’s also an easy walk from Gongguan Station and the night market zone).

Here’s what I found: a hole-in-the-wall shop, with five counter seats and a friendly vibe. An amiable Mexican man named Oscar prepares the food; a friendly bilingual (and perhaps multilingual) woman handles the orders. Highlights so far include substantial burritos (the one I had tonight with asada totally rocked–be sure to ask for the salsa to be put inside); impressive quesadillas, packaged in a smart looking box; delicious orchada served with the sets (NT$210 for a burrito and drink or a quesadilla and drink; NT$185-195 for just a burrito or a quesadilla). I’ve been told their taco Tuesdays are a hit–though I’ve not yet tried them. Same with the nachos, which some regulars are evidently fond of too.

With fresh and tasty food prepared and served with warmth, this place is an fantastic addition to the Gongguan neighborhood. Closed on Sundays; open other days until 7:00pm (if you will arrive late, you can apparently call in advance to place your order).




I’m hungry now. Are you sure about that address because it’s blocks away from any MRT.

Check it out yourself:



Interesting; must check it out!

Closed on Sundays :frowning:

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I am half Hispanic/Native American and half Caucasian. There is a really good Lucha Libre themed Mexican restaurant by Shida night market. The even have really great chorizo, not Cannino’s good but good! :slight_smile:

I guess you’re talking about Macho Tacos?:

As for El Sabroso, here’s their facebook page:

And their Chinese address is I guess 台北市中正區汀州路三段107號之一; the Facebook page is missing the 三段, which may be why tango42 thought it was blocks away from an MRT.

Macho Taco? Yuck.

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How about Mondays?

Yup. I’d pick Twinkeyz over Macho any day if I was in that neighborhood.
But I won’t drink a ‘rita’ in either location.

Macho Tacos is nowhere near Shida night market? :noway:

Had the burrito and wife had the quesadilla, both with beef asada. Both were great, especially the burrito IMO. The horchata was quite nice as well, but I’ve only had it once before in the states. Will definitely be going back, especially this Tuesday to try out the tacos~

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Don’t they have two branches? One at Shida.

Ah so, gotcha.

I’m surprised they can support two locations, considering how crap their output is.

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Yes open on Mondays and great food, amazing meat, and yummy salsa.

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What did you try? Tell us more!


Went to Sabrosa. Red salsa was wonderful. Best I’ve had in Taiwan. Horchata was also best as it wasn’t too sweet. They only have tacos on Tuesdays. Other days you choose burrito or quesadilla only. Very small menu, but lots of meat choices. Meats were good, but I have to say I still prefer Twinkeyz Tacos’ meats. Plus Twinkeyz has seating and beer. I would go back for sure, but I’ll call it #2.

Glad you checked it out. What did you try?


They have Burritos, Quesadillas, Nachos, Elote, and Taco’s on Tuesday. All with combo options to add refried beans, guacamole, etc. Six types of meat are available. The refried beans are good in burrito or even as just a side dish. Salsa is homemade a great. Mexican drinks available like horchata and tamarindo.

I had the Pastor Burrito. All I can say is tastes great, fresh, and large.

I liked the homemade salsa so much that I bought a jar home. Had it on salad for dinner… it would probably make a pencil taste good.

Just great.

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