Elton John in Taiwan!

Elton John will be performing one concert in Taiwan during his brief East Asia tour that will take him to Seoul, Taipei, Hong Kong, and Shanghai. The concert is on September 15, 2004 at the Chung Shan Football Stadium (MRT Jiantan Station). Tickets are on sale now and there are still lots available. Tickets can be purchased through ERA Tickets (Taiwan’s version of Ticketmaster, for those of you who used that company in the US). Their website is ticket.com.tw

You can also get more information at Elton John’s official website at eltonjohn.com … This is the first time he’s ever come to Taiwan, so it’s definitely something that should not be missed. I’ve already booked my tickets, and was even able to get front row seats. There are still lots of good seats left, including front row!

How much are the tickets? That site is hard to navigate through

The cheapest seats are NT$1200 and NT$2400. The better seats are NT$3600 and NT$4800. The best seats (“Special Section A”, which is where I’ll be sitting in the front row) are NT$6000 a pop.

Considering he’s a living legend, he’s already 57 years old and probably won’t be touring for too many more years, and it’s unlikely that he’ll be coming back to Taiwan often (this is the first time in his more than 35 year career), I think it’s well worth the price. It’s not often that Taiwan gets this large of an act to perform here.

Ok, but the really important question is, can I go there and put up a protest sign without getting deported?

BE FOREWARNED. I saw the Phil Collins concert at that stadium (near Yuan Shan MRT, I believe) some years ago and there were TONS of airplanes flying directly overhead. This was a major bummer and very disruptive.

Still, for 1200, Elton is worth a go. I’ll look into the ticks. Thanks for the heads up.

I wouldn’t contribute a dime to that ego maniacs fortune.

That’s a real shame considering the millions upon millions of dollars that he has donated and raised for the fight against AIDS. The Elton John AIDS Foundation is the largest private AIDS organization in the world. You can read more about what they do (and how much Elton himself contributes) at their website www.ejaf.org

Plus, he has some great lyrics –
And maybe he’ll sing his Princess Di song. Not a dry eye in the house. Guaranteed.

That’s the song he recycled, right?

That’s the song he recycled, right?[/quote]
“Goodbye English Pose®” Yup indeedy. A true nadir for British entertainment.

Elton John and Aids. Big deal. He is just hoping they come up with a cure before he becomes symptomatic.

Princess Diana! Candle in the Wind! Peeeyuke!

[quote]Elton John and Aids. Big deal. He is just hoping they come up with a cure before he becomes symptomatic.

Bob, I have never read words that suit you less. :noway:

Oh, that was bob’s evil twin brother.

Actually I think Elton John is a great musicisn but I hate the way that a few performers get all the hype and all the money so I choose usually to patronize smaller venues.

I also think that AIDS seems to be the celebrity cause these days. It must boost their sales or something.

Aids is a disaster I know. I watched one of my best friends die of it.

I watched Elton sing his candle in the wind song at Diana’s funeral. Wow that was tacky.

I saw the Yellow Brick Road tour and it was unreal. Unfortunately, the past 20 years of Elton’s work has been dreadful. I wouldn’t go for free now.

I heard Elton John about a year and a half ago, at a benefit concert he headlined. I went for daasgrrl’s favorite, Randy Newman :wink: , who sang “Bennie and the Jets,” but was pretty damn happy about getting to hear Brian Wilson (even though he’s definitely :loco: ), Ray Charles, and others.

As for Elton’s band: He’s had the same musicians since his early days. They’re a well-oiled machine.

I think Elton’s sworn off performing “Candle in the Wind” again. :snore:

The Elton John’s concert has postponed to Sept. 23rd. Please visit www.ticket.com.tw to see more detail.

That’s odd, as his official website hasn’t listed any changes. Anyway, the ERA ticket website said that if you have already purchased tickets for the show, you can hang on to the original ticket and use it to get in to the venue on Thursday, September 23rd. My ex-boyfriend works for the company that is putting on the show. I’ll try to find out what happened. :s

When the planes fly overhead at the stadium, perhaps Sir Elton can play “Daniel !”

’ Leaving tonight on a plane …

I e-mailed Elton’s management, and they said the reason for the delay was logistical problems with delivering all of his stage equipment to Taiwan. I also warned them of the airplane problem at the venue and they said they will do what they can do adjust their sound system accordingly, although that’s probably not very much.

Change of date for Elton’s Taiwan concert

The date of Elton and the band’s concert in Taipei, Taiwan, has been changed to Thursday, September 23. This is due to logistical problems in Elton’s forthcoming short tour of East Asia. The Taiwan concert will be held at the Chung Shan Football Stadium, 1, Yu-Men Street, Chung-Shan District, Taipei, Taiwan. Tel: +886 2 2597 0044
We are not selling Rocket tickets for this concert, but they are available from ERA Ticketing Taiwan. Ticketing website is http://www.ticket.com.tw

Al the rest of the dates on this short tour are unchanged:

13 September - Convention Centre, Hong Kong, CHINA
17 September - Olympic Main Stadium, Seoul, KOREA
19 September - Grand Stage, Shanghai, CHINA
21 September - Grand Stage, Shanghai, CHINA
23 September - Chung Shan Football Stadium, Taipei, TAIWAN.