Emailing Taiwanese Politicians

Genuine question,
What makes you so special?

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Squeaky wheel gets the grease. You can thank me later.


Still have to go another 7 days at home after…

I prefer cry baby gets the candy. You have my support.

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Squeaky mouse gets the cheese is obviously the best phrase.

Loudest Karen gets the refund


That’s what the cats want the mice to think.


So it’s just you who complained, or is it just you who likes to take credit for complaining, when the policy has already been looked into?

Isn’t this how change is supposed to happen in more open societies? People complain or suggest, those in charge look into it, and then changes may or may not happen, especially if more people make complaints or suggestions. Good for @QuaSaShao.

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Nasty emails achieve nothing. Absolutely nothing.


I have written my self over the past 2 years, never angry as i found that just gets ignored or makes people dig their heels in.

I would recommend others emailing or messaging them on twitter or other media, even write a letter or two. The more the better, but dont make it confrontational, not where your visa can be suspended for “getting involved in politics”.


Oh … I assumed the “nasty” was poetic license, but maybe not. I took it to mean a letter like what @Shaun008 just suggested.

You’ll have to do more than that…

Emails get ignored all the time, especially in Taiwan.

You’ll have to picket the ministry of health or protest…

I dunno what you mean by ‘nasty’, but if it is what I think it is, probably not going to motivate him if it could be perceived as insulting or defamatory.

There is a reason why I have shut down and refuse to entertain anything that could be perceived as nasty or petty behaviour in our push for dual citizenship (as an example). It doesn’t work. Nice, polite, educating-as-equals works.

I know that because the years of me seeding into the boss’s head to reduce the work we do finally paid off. Next year will be changing to a 4 day work week. Taiwanese company. Taiwanese boss. Taiwanese owned.

It worked.


Not really my point. My point is. You attract more bees with sugar than vinegar.

And you know. I am helping another person on PM to voice their concerns to the MP I usually chat with. Not naming the person, they can out themselves if they wish. If you promise no nastiness, I could extend this to you too. :wink:


yea just be careful that what you say don’t end up construed as insulting or defamatory… plus nobody in Taiwan reads emails.

Why don’t we just try good cop/bad cop for the time being to see how it works? It I end up being arrested at the airport I’ll be contacting your lawyer though.

Don’t get arrested at the airport. Having potential customers in jail isn’t good for business.

Not likely gonna happen.

I’m telling you this in good faith. Not because I think you will get prosecuted. You won’t. But because nastiness doesn’t get anywhere with people here and as someone who has extensive experience with trying to goad people into agreeing with me or getting what I want, I’m telling you, you won’t get anywhere. You don’t get politicians on the side of literal non-constituents with nastiness. They don’t need you for votes, so the incentive is not there to necessarily listen to you in particular and you need to express in a two way pattern. I mean this with the most amount of respect possible, but you’re not entitled to enter Taiwan. Neither am I. So your expression must be two way:

Why you want something. Why you need it. Why you are good for Taiwan/them.

Express and Educate.

Two Es Three Ws.

You need a lot of patience and a big smile on your face while you do it.

This post is made only with the intent to help you.


If its on email he has grounds for litigation.