Employer fined me for not being early enough

got fined today for accidentally coming to work only 9 minutes early before my actual paid time and not the required 10 unpaid minutes…economy ain’t being kind to me. :roll_eyes:


There is a simple solution. I can’t believe you haven’t figured it out.

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hope the economy gets better?

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What do you mean ‘fined’?

they take money away from me.

The company?

yes the company takes money away from me for clocking in early to work, but not early enough. Need to clock in 10min early, if you clock in 9minutes early you are fined.

OK. Document every instance of this happening. Ensure you have as much proof as possible and keep it in storage at your house. Make copies of EVERYTHING.

Contact me when you are ready to move to a new job. I’ll help you get it all back. When leaving, make copies of ALL your timecards.

Is this also mentioned in a contract as well?


the company keeps electronic time cards. You clock in with an Ecard. I’ll have to ask the for some paper.

yeah no mention of it in the contract.

Alright. It is a right in Taiwan to be provided with a copy of your time card. Employer cannot deny this request. Although…they may catch on if you ask for it now, wait till the end of your employment to request this. They need to keep the records of your time cards for five years after termination.

Then you need to retain the records of any pay stubs etc…

Try to find any proof of the company admitting to this shit.


LATE FEE: -$200


In most countries, it’s illegal to require unpaid “prep” work to be done. Is this not the case for Taiwan?


Keep the e-cards at work and the first person to work clocks everyone in well ahead of time.


I thought it is against the law to withdraw any fines from your salary.
They can request you to pay the fine, but not withdraw it from your paycheck.
As far as I know, there is a heavy fine for it.
It’s to protect employees from employers making up things in order to let go employees without their last paycheck!


Perhaps mentioned jokingly but, for all clarity: do NOT do that under any situation!
(grounds for instant dismissal)


I think* there’s something in the Labor Standards Act about employers not being able to disproportionately fine employees for being late (as in, they can deduct 10 mins if you’re 10 mins late, which makes sense, but they can’t round it up to the nearest hour like many employers seem to do). So you might want to read that. In your case though, you weren’t even late…

I’d do what Marco said and wait until you’re ready to leave before telling them you’re getting it back, including the 10 unpaid mins every day haha.

(* “think” = “I’m sure I’ve seen it in there before, but can’t be bothered reading through it again”)

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It’s our daily routine. If your bosses hate you, I could see it being a problem.

Exactly, that’s why I am telling him to secretly record everything in regards to this, cause it’s an LSA violation.

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Are you being fined for being “late” or simply not being given your eager beaver bonus for arriving 10mins before clock on time? (Note you might not ever have been told about the bonus system). If the employer is Taiwanese I’d bet my bottom dollar the latter is the reason that will be given to the judge!

there is no bonus. you are expected to show up 10min early before your actual pay period starts. you earn nothing for the 10min, you only lose if you’re not there 10min early.

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One thing you can do as well is to document, for example, in pay stubs, showing your hours worked and the disrepancies in pay. That can help too. Make a nice folder and document everything and it will be a slam dunk when you nail them from the comfort of your next job.