"Employment gold card" for some foreigners


While you might look at it as an allegiance, I look at it as a club membership with rights and responsibilities. For some, more is better. In a highly globalised world, having more means there are more opportunities to make money, create business opportunities, create jobs, and more! I myself am a dual citizen (not of Taiwan though) and I like being able to be free of wasting time and money doing unnecessary paperwork and and having to apply for permission for EVERY action that I take in the other country.


Yeah, you are right. They’re mixed at best. But whoever makes the law defines ethnicity under that law. For most of the 20th Century Filipinos did not count as Asian in US law. That’s equally arbitrary but so is positive law.


I haven’t read the Spanish law, but I assume it does not define a “Xibanya Minzu” type ethnicity for the former empire, because it’s a modern law in a western (non-American) country, and the prevailing intellectual climate doesn’t support that kind of thinking.

Maybe a Spaniard can enlighten us about how it’s worded.




It has a provision for descendents of people who hold Spanish nationality, but again, no color/race or anything else is mentioned.

Dos años: para los nacionales de países iberoamericanos, Andorra, Filipinas, Guinea Ecuatorial, Portugal o personas de origen sefardí.

Two years for Iberoamericans, Andorra, Filipinas, Guinea Ecuatorial, Portugal or sefardi .

I personally like this:
El viudo o viuda de española o español, si en el momento de la muerte del cónyuge no estaban separados, de hecho o judicialmente.

Widow/widower has the right to nationality.


Double nationality is Ok with reciprocity deals.


For the taiwanese nationality, I think there is no color/race too. Descendants of white/black/latino/other asian taiwanese have the same rights with descendants of chinese or aboriginal taiwanese.


Now they do .But a bit like black people in the US, past discrimination lingers through to now.

For instance at least one long time board member cannot get citizenship esily because his mother was Taiwanese but father a foreigner. They have a cutoff date.

Now we can say that it wasn’t designed to be discriminatory against other races only against women and their kids.

Choose your poison.

That Taiwan means Republic of China still obviously results in favouritism to those who have roots in China which has very little ethnic diversity.
So the reality is that while Taiwan doesn’t discminate now by race by discriminating by Chinese ancestry it’s still something close to it.

If it was still controlled by Japan and they gave preferential rights to those with Japanese ancestry instead should this still be considered non discriminatory or then discriminatory against Chinese ancestry and others ?


yap. That is a injustice to be corrected retroactively, before taiwan would open any new nationality gate for foreigners, imo.


Why would it have to achieved before that instead of doing it at the same time ?

Very curious why people would have to wait according to your line of thinking ?

I agree though that this is actually a crime against human rights of people born in Taiwan.


Imo, not giving a nationality to descendants of taiwanese mothers is an injustice. It is different from not opening wider gate for foreigners.


It’s an injustice should be rectified NOW although I do not think one has to wait for the other.


I mean, why was a cutoff even enacted? If it was given, it should have been given to all.

Moreover, that weird limbo status for taiwanese with TARC but not hukou is bad for all. The hukou system in general should be revamped.


Does it look different than any other type of ARC? I mean the actual card itself. The only benefit I see in getting it if it’s like the AMEX Premium of ARCs… different look and feel.


If you can bring your family, especially your parents under it, it is a biggie, as not even APRC holders can.


It looks almost exactly the same as a regular ARC (the TARC), there is no real difference .

If you mean the gold card, no idea.


I think the parents can get 1 year re-entry instead of six months re-entry according to the link irish guy posted above.

There was something about a five year limit for this card.

ARC/APRC: "work based" vs. "marriage based" (vs. "gold card") advantages and disadvantages

Progress update on my Gold Card application :

  • I applied late night on Friday (25th May). I don’t think they even saw my application till Monday morning.
  • Yesterday I got an email asking me to take my passport to the nearest BOCA/MOFA office.
  • I did that this morning at 9:00 am in Kaohsiung (where they told me I was the only 2nd case they have gotten in the south). All they did was take a copy of my passport and ARC. No questions asked.
  • Just an hour later I got an email from NIA that my “Employment Gold Card” was approved and that I would be getting it within 3 weeks.

Really surprised at the efficiency here. It seems it took them less than 3 working days to process and approve the application.

By the way here’s a link to a really good presentation from NDC providing details about the process and benefits of this card :

20171106Act for the Recruitment and Employment of Foreign Professionals (slides)


Well done! Congratulations on this speedy result!



Hi guys,

I have a case like this,

My salary is not exceeding 160k / month, however this month I am considering to ask for contract termination, hence eligible for Severance Payments, including last month salary they will be over 160k, considering All will be paid by the end of June, am I eligible for this employment gold card?

Thank you in advance




All in English. Good luck!


I appreciate for your links, however it’s a bit confusing about last salary criteria, whether it will include my Severance pay or not.

Ps. I just need to hold on this card until I can get my aprc and owp next year.