Endorsement documents

Dear friends I’m taiwanese spouse, Pakistan nationality, I want to attest my naturalization documents from Taiwan embassy (TECO) in Hong Kong. Any body know any agent in Taichung who will assist me for endorsement of documents from Taiwan embassy in Hong Kong. It’s urgent please guide me if you have any information

There is a really long thread about @Fuzzy_Barbecue who was also a Pakistani citizen and was able to naturalize in Taiwan:

Maybe it contains some helpful information for you.


Sorry I used a Filipino friend that no longer works there anymore.

You can search for the Facebook group “Study in Taiwan for Pakistani Aspirants”. It is a huge group with over 10,000 students. They are a for-profit group bringing a lot of Pakistani students into Taiwan with fake promises. They have their own agents in HK and do attestations of student documents in bulk, for a fee, of course.

Last year I posted on their page to ask for help with attestation of my renunciation certificate and they blocked me immediately for not being a “student”. You can join the group and see if they’ll help you. Alternatively, you can fly to HK and do it yourself.

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