English is actually Chinese (According to Chinese 'Experts')

This is special.



Maybe some connection to this institute


I can’t find the link, but I remember those Hindu nationalists who think airplanes were invented in India 1000 years ago.

It’s pretty sad when these guys are in academia.

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Oh good! Tune in next week when upon hearing this ‘news’, China will be claiming that Western Countries have been provinces of China since Ancient Times.


I saw a documentary on China that interviewed researchers who claimed that Chinese descended from homo habilis (I think) and not homo erectus like the rest of the humans. I think it said this was taught in their school books, which I hope is not true. It certainly goes along with this same exceptionalism.

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This sounds incredibly similar to other cultures being self absorbed and comparing different groups to lesser developed beings.

Americans and black skinned people, canada and females and abroriginals, arabs and africans, ok basically most of the world compared to the rest of the world.

Logic tends not to rule the day. What china is doing now is what most tribal species of animals have always done.

You would think that if we are “so advanced” this petty shit would not only cease to be mentioned anymore, it wouldnt be spewed and certainly not accepted as anything but comedic.

This is one connecting thread all humans have, we are pretty friggen all mighty amd bias. Our weakness is lacking logic, which transcends all cultures, nationalities, religions and races (probably also spec

New cultures, old cultures. Seems we all fail in the dumb as shit category…


I met a Korean who told me they invented Chinese and money, some other stuff as well can’t remember cos I gave up listening to him.


Good luck taking them back:rofl:
They can’t even keep order in Hong Kong or even invade Taiwan.

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I can’t stop laughing my guts out!!!

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Sweet!! What did that cost you??

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One ball and permanent garlic breath.


I guess at one time China was full of this sort of superior quackery, until the opium wars when Britain came through and owned them in Guangdong with their superior artillery.

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Yep, and I read a kids book at my bushiban recently which was part of a series published in Taipei around the late 80s. It was title “Our ancestor Beijing Man,” (Chinese,not English) and claimed that Peking/Beijing man was the ancestor of the Chinese and that he was superior and more advanced compared to “others.”

What, only 1000 years ago? Such ignorance… :flying_saucer:

World Civilization Research Association founder Du Gangjian (杜鋼建) said the organization has set up branches in the U.S., Canada, U.K., Thailand, South Korea, and Madagascar to “restore” the truth of world history.

I’d love to visit one of these overseas branches and see what sort of literature they have. :popcorn:

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In Taiwan? That was unexpected. Although, even real researchers haven’t always been sure about the relationship of one human species to another. I remember the old picture that starts with an ape and becomes human, which is no longer used. It may have been assumed at that time that we all descended in a direct line from homo habilis, which was a species more advanced than others at the time. I think the name means tool user or maker. The 80s was before there was much DNA research. There are actually people, Melanesian mostly if I recall, who have homo habilis DNA, about as much as we have Neanderthal DNA.

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Yes in Taiwan. Pardon my poor editing, now corrected.

The book series, which covers, nature, technology, history, etc., was published in Taipei. No date was shown, but according to the mobile phones the size of two bricks and other illustrations, I estimate it to be late 80s/early 90s: during the KMT-with-no-contending-parties rule of Taiwan.

Sounds about as wacky as the “mud flood” conspiracy nutcases.


Please refresh my memory.

People have used evolution to justify all kinds of racism all the time.

One effect of all humans descended from Africa is they can say Africans are less advanced and justify the harsh treatment that the world still gives them.

Japanese in World War II has said that since the Americans have more hair than Japanese they are somehow less evolved and civilized. That leads to propaganda saying they eat Japanese which is why civilians would often commit suicide rather than surrender to American forces.

And of course hitler used evolution to say Aryans are more evolved than everyone else.


It’s sad that these so called scholars are so uninformed and politically driven.

It would have been perfectly fine if they discuss how Old Chinese and Proto Indo-European might share somethings in common, which I’ve done. However, these friggin’ “scholars” don’t even seem to understand the changes in their own language, let alone other language families.

For example, in their proposed 葉落 and yellow cognate, in Old Chinese 葉落 would be /*l[a]p kə.rˤak/, which sounds nothing like yellow. Even if you take any Middle Chinese language, such as Taigi, hio̍h-lak and yellow don’t sound anything like each other.

Not to mention the etymology of yellow is Old German’s *gelwaz, which ultimately came from *ghel- in PIE, which means to shine, from which gold also derived from.

There’s no way that *l[a]p kə.rˤak became *gelwaz, and it’s even more stupid to suggest that the Mandarin pronunciation for 葉落 led the word yellow, as the word yellow existed before the Mandarin pronunciation, which wasn’t even the standard koiné as late as 1815. However, it does appear you can say whatever that floats the government’s boat and make a living in China these days.