English is actually Chinese (According to Chinese 'Experts')

This sounds incredibly similar to other cultures being self absorbed and comparing different groups to lesser developed beings.

Americans and black skinned people, canada and females and abroriginals, arabs and africans, ok basically most of the world compared to the rest of the world.

Logic tends not to rule the day. What china is doing now is what most tribal species of animals have always done.

You would think that if we are “so advanced” this petty shit would not only cease to be mentioned anymore, it wouldnt be spewed and certainly not accepted as anything but comedic.

This is one connecting thread all humans have, we are pretty friggen all mighty amd bias. Our weakness is lacking logic, which transcends all cultures, nationalities, religions and races (probably also spec

New cultures, old cultures. Seems we all fail in the dumb as shit category…