Ethereum : possible to get 2-5 times your investment in 2018



Block chain si, Bitcoin no.


I’d rather see the bottom and trade sideways then never ending drip. I severely underestimated the influence BTC has on the entire market.

Good news is that the Fed and securities commission are open to securitization and regularisation of cryotocurrencies. They are not ‘against’ them anyway.


Then it doesn’t make them really cryptos; rather, just more financial products to be regulated. :wink:

Show of hands who’s buying at 6k, 5k, 4k…?
Place your spoof bids.


I’m not buying till the blood itself bleeds. I think when we bounce it will be a nice bounce though given the huge crash.


Wow there is heavy Central Bank manipulation happening now. Dow is down 800 and theres no legitimate reason for it whatsoever.


Incorrect my son. Lots of reasons for it


Crypto cap breaking 300 billion…


Even though this is a brutal crash I’m not panicking as I put a large part of my holdings in Ethereum , it’ll come back sooner or later.
Bitcoin, wouldn’t be so sure.




I don’t really understand the severity of this sell off. Might be connected with US stock market.


So the support was real, and it was broken, Sold all my BTC immediately.
Will buy again BTC when price is below 5k.


ETH dipped HARD, like 50%


@Brianjones LiteCoin is really cheap now, worth investing in?


Just going to HODL, I don’t care if it takes 3 years I dont need that money any time soon.


Are you implying Central Banks are manipulating the markets Down?
CBs only do one thing, they support a falling market, they don’t sell and force a market crash.


Yeah but it’s solid as hell in crypto world so can climb back again with some surety. Just a matter of time.
Neo is my other big holding but it dropped even more because of China concerns.

Litecoin…good community , big cap and Litepay I would say it’s not a bad choice. Understand it could dip more still.

We are seeing some signs of support at 6k but would not be surprised at even dipping to 4k. I would be very surprised if went below 4k. I would wait to see if it goes sideways for a bit.


Cryptos are just another type of financial product. They don’t exist in a vacuum. So, if there’s a hard sell-off in equities, they’re gonna get hit just as hard if not harder, considering they flew multiple times higher than the Dow Jones has in the last year. It’s called “risk-off” (on everything).
What people should notice is which things (equities, commodities, etc.) did not sell off at all and even gained ground. Those things imply they got strength. And I don’t mean reverse index ETFs, long VIX funds, short futures, or put options.


Yeah but stocks dropped a few % we are facing a massacre.


The sell off in crypto was well under way when equities were exploding to the upside and markets were in all time euphoric mode. I don’t view Titcoin as a financial instrument myself. ETH and BTC I would classify as financial assets.


Not all assets peak at the same time. Just because cryptos peaked a few weeks earlier doesn’t mean they don’t get thrown out with all the “trash” today.
Again, no financial instrument, product, currency, etc. lives in a vacuum once equities take a dive like they did today (and Friday).