Ethereum : possible to get 2-5 times your investment in 2018



I just read that Taipei is going to use IOTA’s Tangle for ID cards.


Yeah it was big news for the IOTA community actually.

Are we are at the bottom yet. Hopefully.


Neo bouncing back well. Trust in Neo.


My car mechanic just tried to sell me bitcoints. Make me feel can be a bubble and a lot more people are involved.

Still positive bitcoint will hit 2k, maybe even 1k before change dirrection and make significant growth all up to 50k.


The good news: 82% of all crypto purhcases were not made using a credit card.


Did some technical ANALysis this morning. There’s a 72.34% chance this thing’s going lower


don’t you mean “going deeper”, but hey whatever makes you feel good :wink:


I checked with Superman and he said stay away from this Kryptoshite. Burp.


BTC below 8k and dragging the market down with it.
Stopping myself putting any more $ in as I can see BTC goIng to 7k or 6k just as easily.


shet, how low will it go?


I probed a little deeper into my technical ANALysis and see a 54.23% chance of a BTC bottom forming at 6,435$


Your ANALysis, seems very PROBable


Baidu launches in-house BaaS (Block-chain-as-a-Service)

Is this good or bad for existing coins and tokens?
I see LINE is also planning to launch something.


Its only a matter of time until others adopt.


HODL on the Cryptos Its been a lot worse than this.


OK BTC under 7k here we go


The negative news from China forced me to trade some of my NEO to ETH and OMG . Painful but too risky to hold too much NEO until we see where this goes. It’s just been what seems an endless stream of bad news.
I haven’t sold anything into USD/USDT so just going to try and ride it out.

Some of this news such as the Tether subpeona or the Indian ‘ban’ is old stuff that the media seem to be running with at suspicious times, I highly suspect some journos getting big back handers from the market manipulators.

However complete China ban and firewall implementation has definitely got me a bit worried for China related coins. This has actually happened before with Neo in Sept 2017 when they banned ICOs and local exchanges. The Korean finance minister (remember the guy who was supposed to have banned cryptos) on the otherhand is now saying blockchain is an important part of the 4th industrial revolution and says mining is an important part of that. Bizarre.


True, but back then no one “of the masses” was trading them.
Nowadays all kinds of people in Japan, South Korea, China, Europe, and elsewhere are trapped at much higher levels, thus likely restricting any rebound to nothing but a dead-cat bounce.


This is a bad crash but we will come back. Everything is just mindlessly following BTC down and that doesn’t make sense. Of course the wall of continuous bad news has not helped.

Ethereum is stronger than Bitcoin in reality. Why does Bitcoin drag Ethereum down?
There are other great projects launching or already launched such as ETHLend which has successfully launched the first decentralised loan exchange already.
XLM, XMR, OMG, VEN etc. Litepay just launched their payment wallet. Things are moving forward.


BTC under 7k :scream: