Ethereum : possible to get 2-5 times your investment in 2018



Me likes the story around IOTA and Oyster Pearl right now. PRL will issue an airdrop of SHL to all PRL holders by March 1st I think.
Very excited about this.
Quick explanation:
Shells(SHL) are used to pay for connectivity and Dapp operation across the Oyster meshnet, whilst Pearls are used for static data retention on the tangle. Shell is not pegged to storage like how Pearl is. In the future you will be able to use Shells to access the decentralized web, connectivity that entirely bypasses ISPs and centralized infrastructure. Full white paper will be published next week.

PRL is very volatile but I think it has serious upward potential along with IOTA (I am holding a much larger amount of IOTA). Basically we might be finally on the cusp of the Tangle moving from theory to something functional.

The TPS is steadily increasing on IOTA due to PRL testnet.
Both PRL and IOTA are real next generation stuff from Blockchain. High risk, high reward.
Best bit is they have been knocked down a lot in the Jan sales.

PRL has morphed from a website ‘miner’ type software into something very ambitious indeed!

If one wants to visualise and understand more about the tangle, check out the cool visualiser here, much of the increase in TPS is due oyster pearl testnet. As the number of nodes and transactions goes up on the Tangle, the speed of the transactions actually increases!

If you want to learn a bit more about IOTA listen to it’s founder.


Do not pass go. Do not collect 200 bitcoins.


Yeah man, you might want to pump some of that funny money into PRL right now. 62 million market cap only with the testnet in operation, whitepaper coming out within the week and an airdrop within the month. Jeez man.
It could all go pearl shaped but in a beautiful way. :slight_smile:


I can’t even tell if you are being sarcastic or not…


Not being sarcastic.
Instead of moaning I am telling him where to take a calculated gamble. :grinning: All of above are important indicators for value and price movement.
I drank the coolaid a long time ago.


I see. Back in my days, we invested based on proven revenues and cash flow rather than test nets and white papers. Guess the times they are a-changin’

Good luck, my friend!


I would also like to know


Sorry, how do I use my bitcoin to buy other crypto?


Speaking of drinking the Koolaid:


Yes well think of it more like venture capital and it’s not so whacky. In fact thats just standard and how businesses such as Facebook and Google were founded.

These are small teams of developers, some of them will go on to be billion dollar businesses. The difference compared to the stock market ?

We get to get in from the ground floor. The best teams communicate with their investors and community on a daily basis. The crypto community is not as dumb as it is made out to be. They sell in and out of coins according to certain milestones and metrics (even if right now everything is moving up and down with bitcoin ).

You should look into the details of oyster pearl I’m deadly serious it’s actually the first proof of concept of file storage on the Tangle. Thats a big deal. I also mentioned that the TPS has been growing steadily.
Its all public knowledge. You combine the technical milestones being hit along with the ‘good news’ on the way with airdropped coins , the new technical white paper and the fact that it’s only on two minor exchanges so far…you put it all together and… …

I invested thousands of dollars in it . I could lose that money but I also stand to win big if they continue hitting their milestones . Its high risk high reward stuff.


Send to Binance exchange for other coins there.


that’s because you conveniently dodged answering why satoshi included “bailout” in his genesis block. hint: “bailout” has nothing to do with transactions fees. inc dodge again i bet, because it destroys your argument.

edit: oh

well, yes it is decentralized. no single player or institution controls it. even larger miners in china rejected the bcash/btrash hardfork and sided with core/american developers, as has the rest of the market. nice try, though?

you’re crying about the entire crypto market, which has recently traded the same way. bad argument.

again, you’re dodging “bailout” and satoshi’s own words mentioned previously contradicting your claims. also see segwit/lightning/schnorr, microsoft praise, and plumetting tx fees.

heresay. don’t see you crying about the “unrealistic” and massive computing power used for other cryptos or current banking/fiat institutions. also, that has helped secure btc/ network never been hacked.

and that’s exactly why you’re in this thread? hypocrite lol. well, keep on dodging that genesis block with the word “bailout” in it. and tell 3rd world farmer javier that you’re so concerned about to use dogecoin, which trumps many other cryptos with min fees.


Never argue with a Bitcoiner :).
In since early on I assume.:smiley:


Back firmly in the black. Is the FOMO coming back with BTC over 9k, let’s hope so (and if anybody wants to see the manipulated nature of this market look at the sudden massive volume spike in BTC earlier).

I want to see people making 2x-5x this year.


Bitcoin now @10.4k.

My holdings back to double the dip and still a strong possibility of another record breaking bull run this year.

When in doubt, HODL.


A spirited passionate Bitcoiner he is. A Bitcoin genius no doubt


Many examples of real world uses of blockchain now…here is just one of many:


Reminder to self and others: you can get things very wrong :slight_smile:


Remind to self and others: you can get things very right even if you sound sarcastic while doing it. :joy:

50% up baby! Let’s do this!

This oyster pearl team succeeding in creating a functional product on the tangle is something really exciting to me. It could bounce up and down for the next year , lots of folks do very well trading it (it will drop back a bit after the airdrop of the SHL tokens).

I generally don’t get excited about software but when I look into the potential of this project to expand it is better than viagra. I’m looking forward to when they create their own tangle and platform I am not selling the bulk of my holdings for a long time.

As for other holdings I have about 10% in OMG which has done well and is moving to a staking format (but I admit to not following omisego closely).

My IOTA has barely budget but I’m waiting for some good news from the team to move the project forward, perhaps the new wallet in development will help.

I am now going fishing to see what other good news events are on the horizon. A lot of price movement is driven by publicly known ‘good news’ that is often a couple of months out but hyperactive crypto investors usually just jump in the last month or weeks before a given event (for fear of missing out on something else…).


11.5k BTC!!! Is this it? Is this the next rally to 100k???