Ethereum : possible to get 2-5 times your investment in 2018

I’m starting to get interested in cryptocurrency. Can I use my American bank account while living in Taiwan? I would like to use the dollars that have lost value compared to the NTD. I just created an account at bitoex. Any help is appreciated :slight_smile:

You too my son are going to make a killing I can sense these type of things

You’ve just described most of the coins out there

I think billions, trillions have become meaningless in this crypto mania. There was a time not so long ago that a billion dollar valuation on a long shot company was wild times…now a 100 bill market cap on “the next earth shattering universe changing great tech to save mankind” long shot is nothing.

Even if 90% of the coins and tokens turned out to be garbage and faded away, does that mean 1 trillion shifts into the remaining ones?? Then to feed to growth from there and keep the mining and reward system going we’re talking 2,3,4,5 trillion… decentralized blockchain better turn out to be truly HUGE profit generators for companies to justify those numbers

Hundreds of thousands of new accounts being created a day the exchanges say. It can only go up from here. Pro Tip: BUY BUY BUY!!!

Just focus on the use cases, blockchain is an unhackable decentralised system that can be used to audit , rapidly transfer money, lend, copyright , store, confirm ID, run AI networks and most important of all play cryptokitties.

They did this whole thing ass backwards…
Should have formed a consortium of universities and institutions sharing servers and working together to build the decentralized database, protocols, blockchain, liquidity etc… kept it open source like TCP/IP and the Internet early days did. The global consortium improves speed power security etc…Then real companies listing on real exchanges doing real IPOs build apps on it.

Whatever! BUY BUY BUY!!’

I’m joining you all very soon. Almost mentally ready to start preparing mentally to jump in

With 100s k accounts registering per hour there’s gotta to be a massive wall of cash that’s going to pour in in a FOMO wave . Surely they are itching to buy after waiting to be approved for so long.

Well that’s the theory. Its been looking pretty bearish for a couple of days but that could just be holding off the FOMO kicking off even bigger.

Who knows theres so many competing push and pull factors at the same time. The market could crash further first we just don’t know.

Binance CEO on Bloomberg interview today. Impressive young man. Had to move to Tokyo because of China crackdown. Says Binance has a “presence in Taiwan”. Anyone have any info on this?

They halted new registrations, opened for one hour only and got 240k users within an hour! Says growing couple of million users per week! Says they have users moving millions of dollars per day… “a lot of corporate account registrations”

As you say Brian, once this next wave gets approved it’s fairly certain the crypto market will rally past 1 trillion cap easily. Next stop 2 trillion

Bitfinex seems to have a Taiwan connection as well and tether too. Tether is supposedly backed by a ‘bank account in Taiwan’. That’s all the evidwnce that there is anything behind it!
These guys seem to flit between Taiwan and Hong Kong.

We probably have a few crypto billionaires dropping by learning from the experts here, why not say hello and throw us a few coins for a party :slight_smile:.

Hi. I will post my affiliate link if the moderation does not mind. is top notch when it comes to the rates, easily one of the best and higher than Coinbase I believe, not sure why it is not too well known compared to others. Also Coinbase is becoming congested registrations wise (I think they blocked new suscriptions) so a good reason to go for another one.
There is also Wex as an alternative.

Yea I must have been one of the few that got through to register in that hour. Been trying for days then able to register 2 days ago.

They are adding something like 20 servers a day in Amazon Web services (which I thought was a bit ironic).

Thar she blows! FOMO my little hearties .

Whats FOMO?

Yarrr she done blow a blasted cool breeze only

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South Korea pulling the price down…

South Korea pulling the price up isn’t it? The ban wasn’t really a ban at all, all good now…BUY BUY BUY!

not a ban for now… but i am not that optimistic. I know at the G20 summit in Buenos Aires, some countries (France) are pushing to regulate cryptos more. We will see, the good thing though is that some other countries such as UK, ireland, Malta are not too favorable for such thing.

There she blows!