🇪🇺 Europe | Choosing last country on European trip

I’m looking for a country at least somewhat close to the Atlantic coast for my last destination before flying back to the US. I need to hurry and buy a ticket before prices go up.

I’ve generally avoided tourist hotspots in the past, but I’m open to them.

Currently considering:

French countryside. Suggestions of places to see there? How is the English proficiency?


Greece. I like how affectionate and caring Greek-Americans are. Any way to mingle with locals and avoid tourists? English proficiency?

Would love to see the UK, but cost, so maybe another time.

Thus far, my tickets to Sweden>Lithuania>Finland>Romania are booked.

Interesting choice after northern Europe. Maybe Greece would be the logical choice after Romania, cause distance, but then, everything is rather close in Europe by plane. If you like countryside, why not Tuscany in Italy? Lovely.


Italy. With two countries within our borders, we are the only country that can provide a buy one get two free package!

I might be biased.

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Besides the Vatican, what’s the other one?

I’ve already ruled out Italy and Spain.

Both countries are like Taiwan to me-ill go when I finish my business.

I’ve already ruled out Italy. Do you have any helpful info on France, Greece, or Portugal?

The Algarve. Cheap, beautiful, clean, friendly, safe. Go for it.


San Marino. We just about beat them at footy.

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If you don’t speak French, I would recommend Greece or Portugal out of these three.

With Greece, don’t visit Athens, but rather one of the islands.


The UK would like a word. Two countries within another. Is that it?

But he wants to go where they speak English. Can’t vouch for three of the four. Or the northern part of England. Or the south. The east coast accent is hard for some.

Ok, basically don’t go to the UK.


I understand Irish people just fine.

Which reminds me…hmm…

Belfast is a blast. Friendly people and great food and booze.


I was referring to the Belfast accent. All jokes anyway.

Why not Croatia since you will already be in Romania? If you go to southern Croatia, you can also take a trip into Bosnia.

I also really enjoyed my time in Budapest which Is a really fun place to visit. (Just be careful of the taxi mafia)


Catch yourself on.

A nice wee joke, sure so it is. :blush:

Been there. All expats, didn’t talk to a single local.

Too late!

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My wife’s favourite movie. Love this scene.


I had no problem understanding what he said. :joy:

There is a similar running gag in The Sister Boniface Mysteries, and I can’t understand what the character says at all.

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This is so friggin’ hard. :crazy_face:

Algarve. Book it. :grin:


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