Europe Needs to Look East

The Black Sea and the Frontiers of Freedom

By Ronald D. Asmus and Bruce P. Jackson
Ronald D. Asmus is senior transatlantic fellow at the German Marshall Fund of the United States. Bruce P. Jackson is president of the Project on Transitional Democracies.

Fascinating article though of course I am perhaps somewhat biased regarding the authors.

A series of historically unprecedented events have brought the attention of the West to the wider Black Sea region

While Europeans like Rascal natter on about principles and other such “concerns,” a storm is brewing on their eastern horizon. I have warned about this before. Is Germany ready? And if there is a serious problem with refugees and/or major civil unrest, who will Germany turn to? France? Belgium? What do you think? Hmmm? My little Joschkita?

My bedroom in Cologne faces east. I like to see the sun rise.
But i am not sure about my bedroom here in TaiZhong.
So far i don’t see the storm rising form east.

Well then you can be the only one who doesn’t see something threatening in the arc of instability from the Caucasus through the Balkans to the former Soviet republics of Ukraine and Belarus. But hey, I am sure that you are right. Ostriches usually are. That is why they have such long legs to run away.

Here, however, is how your EU Government views the matter… … CTION=HOME

So all carrots and no sticks huh? What do you think the chances are that another conflict like Bosnia or Kosovo will emerge and how will Europe with its “milk quotas” and “customs duties” deal with that? Hmmm? Why not cooperate more with the US on its own Middle East Democracy Initiatives? Hmmm?

thanks for giving me animal names
i did not know we are already that close

“Animal names”?? I think Fred was referring to Joschka Fischer. I suppose that technically he’s a mollusk, but whatever.

It does appear that the Soviet Union is reuniting, except that instead of communism they are choosing to go down the road of fascism this time. :frowning:

An imporant part of Germanies exterior policy had been to stabilize the “Wild East” of Europe. Following those efforts of promoting their economies and promoting their membership in the EU, quite a lot of countries of the former unstable east are now members of the EU and probably their economy is soon stronger than ours :laughing:

But there is still a lot to do, and countries like White Russia can make you scared. Ever heard of Moldawia? They still have a commie president there. I almost dated a cute girl there, but then some Taiwan chic … [another story … do not want to end up in the flunder forum again :astonished:]

a mollusk??
what is that supposed to mean?
hard shell soft on the inside?
slow moving?
hides when scared?

Almaty has some of the most beautiful women I have ever seen.

Moldova, Belarus, (ex-Soviet) Georgia. . . . They’re all sliding backwards into the pit. And of course Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tadjikistan, and some of the others never got out in the first place.

Sorry, Robi, I was just thinking of Fischer’s sliminess. Present company excepted, of course.

Thanks for this information.
Too bad i can not look that far to see them.


Sorry, Robi, I was just thinking of Fischer’s sliminess. Present company excepted, of course.[/quote]

I agree, Fischer slimes too much, especially when he meets Colin or Condoleezza.

While the American election is certainly important, do not forget to keep tabs on who wins in the Ukraine this October 31. This is a VERY important election to determine whether Ukraine goes democratic and capitalist or falls behind into the pattern Russia is in.

Keep your eye on Ukraine too.

Yes Fred, thanks for reminding.
And keep your eye on Israel and Palestine these days. Lots of news there. Congratulations to President Sharon.


Thanks for also agreeing that Fischer is a slimeball. I really hate that little turd. He will get what’s coming to him one day. Fischer muss eines Tages bestraft werden!

Hopefully that day will come soon Fred.

Well Robi:

You are the German after all. What about voting in a different party in 2006 someone committed to a solid Atlanticist position. AND how about a thorough criminal investigation into Fischer’s background. I am sure that a certain wife of a certain policeman would like to know why justice has not been served. But maybe while he is in prison for all sorts of things some of the prison guards will beat him within an inch of his life. Now, wouldn’t THAT be poetic justice or just desserts?

What about voting in a different party in 2006 someone committed to a solid Atlanticist position.[/quote]

I don’t favor the atlanticist positon too much. But of course i have not decided yet what party i will vote for in 2006.

I guess a lot of people would favor that investigation. But i don’t think it is going to happen. Some years ago a journalist wrote about Fishers past in Frankfurt. He called it something like “from terrorist to foreign minister”. But he never managed to finish or publish because the got sued by the government.

Why not an Atlanticist? Your constitution, your ethical support all stem from this tradition, so does your security. Why would any German NOT be an Atlanticist?

Just because there is no need to cross the Atlantic.
All the European countries have same values and ethical system.
I prefer a stronger European community.

I am sure honest_bob has a diffrent view on this.