European economy stagnating

Try working more than 25 hours a week.


The way it’s going with Ukraine/gas sanctions, some countries in EU may go back to near emerging market status.


I don’t see the problem here. Since everybody knows free money doesn’t cause inflation all we have to do is print a few trillion to get us over this rough patch and then we’ll be alright.


Considering the happiest places on earth are in Europe, good luck telling that to the people working 25 hours a week. And do Europeans care if their economy is stagnating if they’re (in Scandinavian countries ALL) being looked after and cared for from birth to death?


How many hours do you need to work in America to afford dentist? And how many hours Taiwanese need to work to afford cram school?

Europe is heart of civilization. Here we live as human beings


Wait so is it freeloaders (immigrants?) destroying the economy or prices rising from oil/gas sanctions? So much easier to blame people I see as lazier than me. If only they were as hard working as Americans. Sounds like they could use a few more Viktor Orbans.

Really? I thought Africa was the happiest.

Like Mearsheimer said, Europe is a museum. Irrelevant to the US.

Europe is doing just fine . Except for inflation but that’s everywhere . And refugees.


…and anemic growth.

Not everywhere . Besides people are getting past covid. It ain’t that bad.

Yup there’s high growth somewhere.

Europe is key economical and political partner of USA. All others are irrelevant.

We can produce whatever we want. Chinese and Taiwanese got businesses cause they are cheap and willing to work longer hours. The first day they stop being cheap, they lose business.

Exactly. That’s why the US has a “pivot to Europe” policy. Makes sense

Exactly. This why Lithuania is part of NATO, while Philippines and Taiwan aren’t. Finally you got it

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US has a lot of alliances. NATO, QUAD, AUKUS, 4-eyes.

Sure a lot of Gfs but only one wife!

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Is that why the US keep dragging its feet on sending weapons to Ukraine, and trying to get weapons ASAP to Taiwan when was war hasn’t even started?

Wow Europe is so important to US interests!

I’m hungry. Need some pancakes.

Taiwan and Korea should have lost business ages ago then. Keep living in your imaginary world.