Eva Air carry on weight

Eva Air has a 7kg limit for carry on luggage. Are they really strict about it? I’m trying to fit as much as I can in a backpack, then have a small laptop bag which apparently is allowed as “personal item”, but the 7kg limit on the backpack is a bit difficult for me to manage.

I’ve not seen airlines checking much on this recently. I’d say anything up to 10 kg and they won’t blink.

If you have no check-in luggage Eva Air has checked me about 80% of the time. As long as your are close…within 1-2kgs they don’t make a big deal. Sometimes it depends if a flight is very full or not. If you have checked-in luggage then usually they will not check.

In some cases they will “tag” your luggage as “check in”…but i don’t think the agents at the gate pay too much attention. It depends on the cities involved.

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I will also have a large trolley to check in, with clothes etc etc. I plan to carry on all camera gear and the laptop, but 7kg for the camera bag may be a bit difficult.

Just take the full frame SLR and the big zoom and hang them round your neck like bling. Sorted.


It depends. I was on an Eva flight from LAX to Taipei and a flight attendant was walking around the boarding area with a hand luggage scale weighing people’s luggage.

Other places that I’ve flown to on Eva, sometimes they cared about it and sometimes they didn’t.

I agree. It depends.

Sometimes airlines go on a binge of checking carry-on weights/sizes, even though most of the time they don’t care. The budget airlines tend to be stricter, but they all do it from time to time.

Your best option is to stuff dense items (eg. books) into your backpack and laptop bag, and keep your checked baggage allowance for things that are bulky but don’t weigh much. If your carry-on doesn’t look heavy there’s a chance they’ll ignore it.

My experience is that, when they do weigh your carry-on, 95% of the time they’ll allow you up to 8kg or maybe 8.5kg (I’m consistently over!). I’ve only once been told to move stuff into my checked baggage.

I usually take out my tablet and (large) battery from my bag as I approach the desk and casually drop it on the desk while I’m checking in. It’s probably less than a kilo, but it can make a difference if they decide to weigh. Nobody’s ever told me to put it back in the bag and weigh it.

They mostly look at size, than weigh it, or if people have trouble lifting it.
That’s why they invented pants with huge pockets, as long as you carry stuff on your body, no one really cares. Only it’s more difficult at security check.

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They only weigh people and luggage on really small planes.

I’ve had my carry-on weighed once in the last ~5 years; it was this year and it was EVA. Go figure.

Some do weigh, but mostly when coming to Taiwan, not leaving, and foreign carriers. KLM sizes-up your luggage sometimes.

Never been checked leaving Taiwan but occasionally on the return.

KLM in Amsterdam has their automatic DIY luggage check-in, if you’re over 23.5 kg or odd-shaped it spits it out and you need to got to the desk.

Huh. This thread is a revelation for me. I didn’t realize they EVER weighed carry-on luggage. Measured it for size, yeah, but I’ve never had carry-on weighed.

This one time was outbound to Shanghai @ Songshan airport.

I’ve never had my carry-ons weighed…ever. I don’t often fly Eva though, just whatever’s cheapest (other than Air Canada).

I flew EVA yesterday and there was no check. Some Taiwanese who got on during the stopover at Bangkok were very cheeky in the amount and size of luggage they were taking onboard. Got away with it, though. I noticed previously at Heathrow that the guys who were working on the luggage x-ray machines were telling some people that their luggage was too big. I’d have thought that should have happened at check-in.

There were a load of Thais who were repeatedly being told to sit down as the plane was taxiing in Bangkok, and then they made a mad dash for the exit when the plane stopped. They only made it as far as the cattle class curtain, of course. No idea what that was about, but it was funny.

When I went to Hk from Australia (on the way to TW) my backpack was overweight by 5/6kg. I didn’t even worry about it because no one ever checked the weight of my carry on bag. At the check in counter in Adelaide there was a couple of Asian tourists in front of me and lo and behold, the counter checked their carry on backpack to see if it was overweight. I was extremely worried, but they didn’t check mine. I think the couple had no check in luggage, while I did have a trolley to check in. Maybe that made no difference? No idea.

If they do weight my carry on (sigh) and find it a bit overweight, will they ask me to put some stuff in the checked in trolley? Or will I have to pay some extra shekels?

Yes they do, and when they catch you at the gate on boarding you have to let them put it in the freight (luggage compartment) bay.