Eva Air flight attendants on strike: June 20, 2019 at 4 pm!

so, who’s got flights coming up?

Wow, glad I picked American Airlines this time. Fly out next week!

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Top totty in Nankan!

oof have a flight next week. hope they resolve it by then.

friend’s wife is a stewardess. don’t bet your ticket on it

My boss

local news saying 16 flights already cancelled

The more important question is: where do all the striking stewardesses gather?


chaos at the airport.
ground workers weren’t informed beforehand.
desk workers will have to deal with many unhappy fliers.

by watching local news, they’re all sitting Indian-style at the airport on their picket line, chanting slogans.
bring them some water and crackers, I’m sure you’ll get some LINE contacts out of it


Boss is worried her vacation was put on hold…

I know.

They should be forced to put fliers on another airline and they should pick up the full costs of doing so


EVA building right now. Top quality fillies.

bring beer and pretzels.
reverse roles with them and provide service with a smile


Got one on July 8th. This shit better be resolved by then, or at least resolved enough that planes are going in the air.

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I’m flying back to Blighty on the 7th.

I think 3 weeks is enough to come to at least some partial temporary agreement, but I’ve jinxed overly rosy predictions before.

EDIT: 2.5 weeks. Shit.

you 2 better serve them gals a lot of beer then…
you don’t have many days

News reports say 71 flights cancelled on June 21st