EVA Air launches speed dating 'flight to nowhere'

Time to get my game on at 35000 feet!


Mile high club


This concept actually sounds maybe like a good idea.

It could bring together people with a little bit of money that like to travel.


  • Could bring together a bunch of men trying to meet women who end up talking to themselves.
  • Or just lonely women.
  • Or maybe an LBGTQ group.

They really need to identify their target group.

I wonder if they’re going to have any qualifications or form to fill out to identify preferences or first come first serve.

I was wondering with myself, if I’m in this flight and I want to dodge the date, find an excuse will be a bit hard, at least for me.

  • Sorry, I need to go walk my dogs (NO)
  • Sorry, I need to go help a friend (NO)
  • I need to go, I forgot my wallet (NO)
  • I shit myself, I need to go home (NO)
  • Not feeling good, I need to leave (NO)

Seems nothing works.


I hope they turn off the Wifi.

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“Participants will be seated pair by pair by lucky draw”

This isn’t speed dating?! This is being stuck with a stranger for an hour or longer.

Speed dating is 3-10 minutes or something then move to next speed date participant. Like a bell rings every 5 minutes and people swap seats. This sounds ok, relaxed, and fun.

Who wants to but a ticket, get on a plane, and sit by a total stranger for 2 hours with no idea about them in advance.



Liquor involved?

Do you get to date the flight attendants? Or get their IGs?


Can’t afford it otherwise I’d like to try. :joy:
But it would certainly be a nightmare to be stuck in the sky with nowhere to run when you have a creepy guy sitting next to you.


High altitude increases flatulence. All these new couples will be farting in front of each other (and it’ll be even worse than normal, because airplane food is awful).


They’re called butt pheromones. How else am I supposed to determine compatibility?


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That sounds like a horrible idea… imagine being the woman or guy no one else wants to talk with and being stuck, with your only way out the plane window perhaps…

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That’s what I was thinking until I read the bit about being stuck next to one particular person. Basically just like a normal flight then, except you’re expected to talk to your seatmate instead of just fight with them over half an inch of armrest.

They missed a hell of a marketing opportunity here. Serve free alcohol, do the actual speed-dating thing, and deck out the first-class areas with … um, privacy suites, and people would be lining up to hand over their credit cards.


I guess the definition of “eating” could be relaxed, but FFS. You’re over international waters. Why not take the opportunity to get away from stupid rules for an hour or two?

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They’ll need to remove some of the seats are create a mingle area for people to use after take-off. A bar and music would make it work.