Exploring Taiwanese Indie/Rock Scene

I’ve been exploring the local Indie/Rock scene recently, and wanted to share a few great bands for those who are interested.

Most foreigners I’ve met in Taiwan are unaware of these bands, but everyone I’ve shared with has liked most of these. Let me know your thoughts and feel free to comment your favorite tracks as well :slight_smile:


Thank you for the recommendations. I especially love 草東 and their 2016 album, which is amazing and was a major success in Taiwan (almost all the young Taiwanese people I know at least heard of 草東 if not outright love them). It’s kinda sad that they pretty much stopped making music for some reason (though they had released a single last year, not sure if there were any other life signs ever since…).


Love this. Funky beat, mellow vocals and smart lyrics. Such a great song.


This song is great! This one along with 山海 and 爛泥 are probably the best from their album!


Check out 花 by Hello Nico. My favorite Taiwanese song so far.


Some great recommendations here!!!

I like this one.

緩緩 Huan Huan - Indiepop


A wee plug for this girl, indigenous Taiwanese mother, Maori father


漂流出口 Outlet Drift is probably my favorite Taiwanese band!

They are a group of Amis from Taitung with a unique sound and obscure trilingual lyrics.


Ooh yeah. Very good. Playing Taipei April 21/22.

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I am so in love.


Good man

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I don’t know. Kind of by-the-numbers, overproduced twee pop.

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really good list you’ve got. never heard of accusefive actually. you forgot kaohsiung we got elephant gym!

edit: my fave npfcd song is this one:

come down to kenting festival this weekend gonna be some good acts.

i’m looking forward to I Mean Us cause i haven’t seen them yet, but they just finished a show with elephant gym and toe (from japan).

i didn’t go to megaport this year cause no tickets and lazy but here’s 2018:

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lol the live i posted his guitar kept cutting out oops.

here’s the mv:


Been wanting to get more involved with this in Taiwan but they’re really poorly advertised. You found out about concerts 3 months after it happened.


Yeah the key is to like every band you can on FB then you’ll get the notices. They don’t need to promote a lot of these because they’re all sold out.

Watch out for 爛泥發芽 festival coming up in Xinzhuang.

Firstly, this is by far my favorite thread/discovery on Forumosa. No longer in Taiwan but didn’t have any friends there who were really into live music. Only time at an indie venue was when a friend was playing… and just seemed like nobody really cared.

Anyway, just spent the past hour and half or so listening to Elephant Gym and I Mean Us. Both are f*cking awesome! Some random observations…

I Mean Us: The opening to You So (Youth Soul) has some shades of Blondie with a bit of surf guitar mixed in? Some of their other tracks remind me of The Cure (Disintigration). I think the drummer is sort of hot…

Elephant Gym: These guys seem really tight musically. I love watching studio sessions live. Love the way they have the bass player up front and central. For some reason, the drummer looks like SNL’s Pete Davidson? The final track of this studio session… sort of like Sonic Youth in spirit if not sound…


I’m glad this thread helped! I really liked Elephant Gym as well. They’re just extremely talented musicians. Their songs remind me of King Crimson with all those time signature changes!

She’s got some real chops that bass player.

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Something wrong with that? :thinking: