Express mail, FedEx to Taiwan

If all goes well, I will be mailing documents to Taiwan. FedEx is $65; USPS Global Express Guaranteed is $100. Or I could use first class USPS. Do people generally use FedEx to mail documents to Taiwan during the passport process?

Mail is tough during the Pandemic. DHL is great, but expensive. Won’t be $100 for letters but it works. And they call Taiwan a country unlike Fedex. BONUS!

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Marco, thank you very much! I had not thought of DHL, so I am glad you mentioned them. I called DHL, and they gave me a price of $83, unfortunately. Thanks for reminding me that USPS is having trouble during the pandemic.

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Yeah. I ordered something in April from China. They sent it in the mail.

It came in yesterday. If reliability is N°1, you’re gonna want DHL.

Wow, 4 to 5 months. But FedEx is just as good as DHL in terms of reliabililty, is that right?

It should be. But I wouldn’t wanna support a company that sends parcels to ‘Taipei, China’

That’s just me. I’m choosing the ones that say Taiwan is a country if i have the choice.

Where are you based?

Never get quotes from the carriers directly, you’ll always get much cheaper through a reseller, such as parcelmonkey.

Or for UK people, parcelhero.

I recently (last month) sent some documents from the UK, ups 2 day delivery for £23.

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I am on the West Coast of the US. Very interesting - I’ve never heard of express mail resellers. Thanks for mentioning them. They do quote a much lower price. However, seems like they would be better for clothes that can get lost, versus important documents? Do you think it is as reliable as FedEx? If I use parcelmonkey, can I still drop off my package at FedEx?

They are simply selling the original service, the guarantees and compensation and whatnot is just as if you bought it direct.

So if you pick fedex, you would drop it at a fedex point or fedex will collect if you choose collection.

The US has EMS right?

This would save a lot of money. Thank you. I am still nervous about sending important documents. I am wondering - have you used it to send important documents, or mostly for normal things?

I have not heard of Thank you for mentioning them. I looked it up. In the US, it seems to be simply USPS as part of the global network.

I mean, it’s just fedex/ups/dhl whichever you chose. So if you trust them, then it’s ok.

You also don’t need to choose parcelmonkey if that’s the issue, loads of other resellers exist.

And yes, I’ve sent passports, contracts…

Maybe your company/ school has corporate discount with UPS/DHL others? we have it, but in Taiwan for us Family Mart has the best discount 18$US (NT$550) for 2-3 day service. (Never lost, 95% ontime if late got refund)

That’s what it is. In most countries the post office offers EMS, fast, traceable, good value.

UPS (Next Day Air Saver) was cheapest for me from Tennessee. If I recall, it was $63 to Taiwan, $31 to US.

Unfortunately not. Thank you for letting me know about corporate discounts.

I see. Thank you.

So it cost about half as much to mail something from Taiwan to US versus US to Taiwan, is that what you are saying? That’s interesting

That’s good to know. Thank you.