Extension of marriage ARC in Taiwan, while outside Taiwan -- Help

Hello everyone, I’ve been reading Formosa in the previous sometimes, but it’s my first time posting, sorry for the mistakes in the language sometimes, as I am not a native English speaker.

I have a question about extansion of my ARC. I am married to Taiwanese, but we are currently working in China mainland (next to Hong Kong). My ARC must be renewed at the end of this year, therefore I ve been wondering if it would be possible to do it somehow (through family or embassy) without me going back to Taiwan? As there is quarantine restrictions and spending 40k twd both ways on staying in hotels, also being locked down doesn’t seem bright to me.

My husband is currently back in Taiwan as his mom just passed away and it has been very expensive and stressful with staying and quarantined in hotels. So I would hope to avoid rounding this number up to 80k twd and spending 28 days quarantined, with me going there and back. It seems awfully unnecessary to just do this all to extend an ARC.

I asked my husband to call in the immigration, but he has been very busy with the funeral, and hadn’t done it yet. So if anyone has any info or suggestions, please share.

Also my husband will only stay in Taiwan till 30-31th of July this month, as he has to go back to work.
And I heard Taiwan’s representative office in HK had been closed down.

You have to do it in Taiwan.

Without the ARC, during Corona times, you won’t be able to enter, but you’re married to a Taiwanese so you should be able to get another JFRV easily in the future when you need it.

So… as far as I can tell, no sweat!

If you’re still married, can’t you just apply for a new ARC the next time you are back in Taiwan? If that saves you NT$80k and a month of your life, it might be worth it.

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Ehm, I don’t really understand what do you mean? We ll lose 80k (40k with husband’s quarantine 28 days here and back + 40k when I go there and 28 days of my life) total, IF I go to Taiwan.
And yes we r still very married lol, the problem is we both are working in China. You ll be quarantined if you go to Taiwan and again in China.

This is super helpful, thank you! And yes it’s just a simple extansion.
Sorry for the stupid questions, but what agency are you talking about? Does power of attorney means his sister? And what’s TECO? I heard this word before, but don’t really know what that is.

The problem is, there’s no TECO in the People’s Republic of China. China doesn’t let countries it thinks is part of China to open embassies or other diplomatic missions.

The TECO is the embassy that we are not allowed to call an embassy. There was a TECO in Hong Kong, but I have no idea if that is operational.

Yes, you are right. I have no idea what happened to their office there. Only found out on FB from one of the replies today. It’s insane. Why it would be closed down? Unbelievable.

From the notices on their HP, it seems they are still operating somehow.

Announcement (2021.06.21)
The Department will continue to provide various collection and dispatch services
The Mainland Affairs Commission stated on June 20, this (110) that because the Hong Kong government has repeatedly set unreasonable political conditions for the visas of Hong Kong office personnel, our personnel cannot be renewed and appointed. From June 21 this year Adjust the business handling method of the Hong Kong office, but will still maintain the necessary operations, and serve the people without interruption and discounts.
In order to safeguard the well-being and interests of the people in Taiwan and Hong Kong, the Department will continue to provide various collection and delivery services, and the collection service time, items and application procedures will remain unchanged. If you have any questions about consular services, you can call the service group hotline: (852) 2887-5011, or email info@tecos.org.hk.

Notice of Relocation
The Taipei Economic and Cultural Office Service Team will relocate to Room 1106, 11th Floor, Tower One, Lippo Center, 89 Queensway, Hong Kong from August 2, 2021. The telephone number and fax number will not be changed. For inquiries or assistance, please call 2887-5011.
The Service Division of the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office will be relocated to Room 1106, 11th Floor, Tower One, Lippo Centre, 89 Queensway, Hong Kong from 2nd August 2021. Its telephone number and fax number will remain unchanged. Should you have any queries, please contact the Service Division at 2887-5011.
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Notice (2021.7.23)
This group reiterated:
(1) For non-urgent or critical cases, please be patient to apply for an online appointment (the appointment quota will be updated at 10 am every working day);
(2) If there is a time limit, urgent or critical case, please call 2887-5011 to state the reason. If the line is busy, please call again later; if you still cannot make the call, please send an email to info@tecos.org. hk or fax to 2810-0591.

China doesn’t want embassies of countries it thinks it owns inside its own teritory.

Before the NSA, it left HK alone. Now it’s no longer tolerant of the illegal things it used to let Hong Kong do.

Oh so I guess they still could do it? Thank you so much, you are of great help! I ll see if I can find a way and give them a call from here somehow. Will need to ask my hong kongnees friends, who live here as well, to ask if it’s possible. Or I ll just send them an email.

btw, they are Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Hong Kong.

It can be anyone you give your power of attorney. A power of attorney is a legal document giving one person (the agent or attorney-in-fact) the power to act for another person (the principal).

Thank you for your reply, what’s JFRV,? I ve heard about it but not quite sure. Marriage visa?

About that I can only do it myself, with all due respect, I think it’s not true.
I also received replies on FB that said :
“You don’t need to go in physically to renew the spousal ARC. You can give your husband permission to go on your behalf. There is some agent form you need to sign for that. Best is if he phones them first to make sure what they’ll need. They’re very helpful.”
However as my husband departs from Taiwan at the end of this month, I probably won’t be able to do it with his help. But I think it’s possible to do it through someone else.

The JFRV is the ARC for joining family, for example, your Taiwanese husband.

If needed, I can provide my lawyer’s contact if you need power of attorney.

Oh, so it’s like the ARC I already got now? I d rather not let this one expire. The first time I got it (after we got married) I had to leave Taiwan first, then apply for visitor’s visa in TECO back home, then re enter Taiwan and my husband was MUST to accompany me to get it and change to ARC. So if this one gets expired… I am afraid then is what will happen again.

Do you mean Kuo&Kuo attorney? If it’s him, I ve already saved his contact and phone/line number from your previous replies in another thread(abt the dude who crashed on a bike while drunk :confused:). But thanks anyway, you are very kind.:blush:

just renewing may be easier even from China, than letting it expire and getting it again.
if naturalization could be your option in future, you surely want to keep your ARC without expiring.

Yeah, I have no idea honestly how it will go from there if this one expires.
I appreciate the advice, however naturalization is not an option unless I can keep my original citizenship. They really should stop making people to give up theirs. Like I still have parents, relatives and property back home. I don’t want to get visa (and it’s not a tourestie place, they won’t just handle them to everyone) everytime I need to get back home, and nevermind the pain it will be to sell house or arranging funerals and what’s not in a far away future there.

Can I ask what country you are from?

Russia (Moscow)