EZ Way App - Customs information

This has been brought up on a few threads, but it seems to be becoming more important so I thought it deserved it’s own thread. If anyone has explained what it’s for, what situations it’s needed in, or how to use it already and doesn’t want to repost, I’ll research it more later.
I had thought this was only needed for NT$2000+ purchases direct from an overseas merchant, but I got this message from a seller on Shopee:
“財政部關務署要求,5/16起,進口快遞貨物須至EZ WAY易利委APP完成認證,才會受理報關,請提前驗證。”

This was for a purchase of less than NT$100. I had a similar message about information, nothing to do with the app, over a year ago. The purchase was also for a small amount, and I never got a follow up so I assumed it was ok. I don’t know if this is a warning that information may be requested or that it will be.
It is requested that I verify in advance. Has anyone been through this for small purchases on Shopee or other? Is it required?

That’s weird. I must have made a few dozen orders on Shopee over the last 3 years or so, ranging in value between a few hundred and a few thousand TWD, and I’ve never encountered it.

I remember my girlfriend had an issue a while back where Shopee was asking her to confirm her ID before making any more orders because she’d apparently ordered more than some defined limit, but that seems to have been tied to a particular store, and she’s successfully ordered more stuff since then without doing anything (oddly enough).

This is funny. UPS wants me to download this app today as well.

It has a 1.8 star rating :rofl:

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Yeah, it’s not popular. If they haven’t fixed it, it’s hard for foreigners to use but someone here figured it out in another thread. I think what Shopee asked me before was to enter my name and ARC or passport info on their site when I made a purchase, but as of that date the name of the purchaser must be verified through the app or something like that. As we probably all know, everyone is allowed 6 purchases in the first six, then last six months of the year under NT$2000. I think this is the customs office’s way of keeping track of that. Because before I was slipping around it. This still lets you use another person’s/people’s name, though they have to like you enough to verify for you.
I think the major shippers like UPS and DHL have been using it for any purchase. I’ve avoided them for SF Post or the post office and had no trouble. This recent purchase is a direct to 7-11, so I don’t know how that’s going to work.

Ah I think I’ve heard of that before for imported stuff, but I didn’t realise it also applied to purchases inside Taiwan (?). That might be what happened to my girlfriend. I assume that’s 2000 TWD per purchase rather than the total every half year?

Is this an issue for the buyer, or just for the seller? I just checked and I’ve ordered around 20k so far this year (over maybe 15-20 orders). I don’t quite get the purpose of this rule if it also applies to domestic purchases? Am I supposed to do something other than just order stuff and pay for it?

Pretty sure it’s for imports…

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Customs Administration has started this requirement recently in an attempt to halt fraudulent or fake imports, according to their information:

Unfortunately the EZWay App does not accept real name authentication from non-ROC citizens. I am not sure whether this is a problem of EZWay or the Customs Office.

I am gradually trying to find out the source of this discriminatory behaviour.
Let’s expose the guilty parties for their xenophobic tendencies.


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Got the message to download the EZ Way app for my latest iHerb order which arrived on the weekend, < 2000. Ignored it. Parcel arrived as per usual.

bdog 1, EZWay 0.


It does have a certain high school project feel about it. My favourite are the pixellated icons that have been stretched beyond their original aspect ratios, awesome stuff.

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I started registration at 1am. It’s still ‘registering’.

This whole app/process has to be some sort of in-joke among the app developers, they can’t actually be serious right?

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Please wait…for how long!


Either a stuck status screen, or perhaps there is a ‘human in the loop’. So some poor sod has to come into to work today, pull out their clipboard and tick off some things before you get your login? Dunno. I suppose if it magically disappears at 10:15 this morning, you know it is the latter :slight_smile: .

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It’s an atrocious app.
Somebody in customs knows somebody…

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“My little nephew Eason is awesome at computers.”


What a BS.
I use this for several yrs for car part imports.
It is just an authorization to your shipper that they can do the import on your behalf.
And maybe not the most logical app, it still works perfectly fine.

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I used app 6 months ago for DHL delivery from Amazon UK, no problem at all.
5 months later I had to use for a parcel delivery from my Sister using Royal Mail?!
I had to re apply or something, so I do but have same problem as Marco please wait.
Stopped process and parcel arrived, had been opened and checked but all good.

Let’s see what is BS. Could you please let us know how does non-citizen apply for real name authentication in this app? Thanks

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Have you used it recently ?

I have used EZWay successfully for appointment of POA (power of attorney) with couriers like DHL and UPS, but this is a different problem, name verification, not POA, and has only recently emerged as an issue. Please look before you leap

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