Facebook / Instagram / Whatsapp is down now

Just in case anyone’s wondering if something is up with their internet. It’s not your internet, I confirmed that facebook/instagram/whatsapp is down now.



i noticed fb and therefore ig are down. is whatsapp Facebook operated also?

edit: I should have googled instead of asking dumb questions. I think fb acquired whatsapp in 2014

I wonder what kind of trivial f*ckup is the root cause this time :rofl:

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Maybe Mark Zuckerberg is ordered by his CCP overlords to take it down…

Good thing there is now Tiktok to fill the void for useless scrolling.

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Thanks! I thought instagram wasn’t allowing me to post a picture of me holding a snake :snake:

Down for me as well

Down in Italy aswell.


Some of my Millennial age relatives will be beside themselves - the end of their world!!!

FB is out in NY too.

CloudFlare Blog explains what happened quite well:

Basically Facebook deleted their existence from the Internet (BGP) and their own ability to reverse it.

Smarty pants at Facebook did not had any contingency plans for a serious update and were doing it remotely. They locked themselves out. :grin:

Quite embarrassing Facebook had a single point of failure for EVERYTHING. They could not remotely connect, their email services and internal tools were not working. They could not get into buildings, because their access system depends on their network!
Company wide snow day! :snowman_with_snow:

Edit: one more article


Sadly, it has to be reported that Farcebook has arisen from the dead.




They’re just not “NASA smart” are they? I mean they’re more “look what I made the computer do mummy” smart.

Anyway nobody foresaw this hole in the architecture. These sort of things can potentially bring parts of the internet down, at least temporarily, because everyone is hammering the DNS repeatedly asking for facebook, potentially to the exclusion of other requests.

If only it could have been forever. 6 hours of fucking bliss.

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Too bad it was mostly during the night in Taiwan.

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People are still using FB?

Maybe they should have asked some ‘hackers’ to get access.

I wonder if they involve this:

Or this